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Skaggs, David – OH0964
Interview Date: 1999

People: David Skaggs (former Democratic Congressman representing Second Congressional District of Colorado), Tim Wirth, Mike Norton (U.S. Justice Dept. attorney who convened the Grand Jury, also Republican candidate for Congress in 1986)   Places: Boulder, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant … Continue reading

Skaggs, David – OH1704
Interview Date: 2011

David Skaggs describes his own history leading up to becoming a member of the House of Representatives and some of the work he’s been involved with since leaving public office. In the heart of the interview, he focuses on his … Continue reading

Skaggs, David – OH1903
Interview Date: February 27, 2013

Former Congressman David Skaggs is a member of a legal team which has filed a lawsuit in federal court to restore representative democracy in Colorado, the argument being that the constitution mandates a “republican form of government,” not a direct … Continue reading

Skinger, Stan A. – OH1300
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bill Dennison, Wayne Jessor, Joe Campbell Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: early years near Chicago, work at Rocky Flats from 1963 to 1971, work as janitor, Building 44 which was used for machining uranium and beryllium, high … Continue reading

Skinner, Durland L. – OH1198
Interview Date: 2004

People: Clyde Jewett Skinner, Luada Margaret Wiggim Skinner, Virginia Lee Goff   Places: Boulder   Topics: childhood in Boulder in the 1920s and 1930s (chores, Denver Post newspaper route, cost of things, schools, Boulder as a small town), bicycle trip … Continue reading

Slack, Andrew – OH1737
Interview Date: 2011

Andrew Slack is a Boulder native in his mid-20s whose father was an architect, volunteer firefighter, and the author of “Firewise Construction”, a book that explains best practices for building and living in the foothills and mountains to minimize loss … Continue reading

Slaughenhoupt, Roy – OH1687
Interview Date: 2010

Roy Slaughenhoupt, whose family came to Rollinsville in 1855, discusses his family history, his own childhood, and some of the many families who have a long history in the Rollinsville/Nederland area. He describes houses and businesses that were in Rollinsville … Continue reading

Slonim, Lydia and Victor – OH1684
Interview Date: 2010

Victor and Lydia Slonim emigrated from the Soviet Union to Boulder, Colorado, in 1989. Victor, who is Jewish, describes many aspects of antisemitism in the former Soviet Union, as well as harsh treatment of dissidents there. Lydia, whose family of … Continue reading

Smario, Louis – OH1740
Interview Date: 2011

Louis Smario moved to Boulder in 1961 when he came to pursue graduate work at the University of Colorado. Eventually he earned a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado and embarked upon a long career with the Boulder Valley School … Continue reading

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