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Sutherland, David – OH1938
Interview Date: March 13, 2014

Dave Sutherland, interpretive naturalist with Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks, shares his experience of and insights into the September 2013 flood. He describes how the flood affected him and his home and how various parts of the city and … Continue reading

Sutherland, Ronald G. – OH1635
Interview Date: May 26, 1995

Ronald Sutherland’s great-grandfather and grandfather came to the area in 1872. During Mr. Sutherland’s childhood in the 1930s and 1940s, he worked as a “stacker boy” for his grandfather, using a “sweep” or a buck rake to stack hay. He … Continue reading

Sutyak, Amanda – OH1229
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, becoming a member of the Board of Directors, effect of board membership on her own views about health care and abortion, work on Finance Committee of Board of Directors, challenges of … Continue reading

Swanson, Mary Dallas – OH0129
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Silverton in the early 1900s, physical changes in the town and changes in the impact of mining on the town — Churches, schools, social life — Healthcare — Her business.

Swing, Swing, Swing performance of 1999 – OH0988
Interview Date: 1999

People: Bud Chesebro, Jack and Robin Powelson, Dutch Westerberg, Lucien Wulsin   Subjects: World War II.

Switzer, Lyndon – OH0592
Interview Date: 1992

People: Lyndon Switzer.   Places: Boulder since 1917.   Topics: Macky chandelier; Pow Wow: beginnings, parades, evolution, end; high-wheeler bicycle, Pearl Street: businesses; fires: Boulder County Courthouse, Masonic Temple, J. C. Penny; Dance Hall, rock drilling contests.  

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