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San Pietro, Jerry – OH1384
Interview Date: 2005

Jerry San Pietro worked at Rocky Flats from 1966 to 1995, for many of those years as a radiation monitor or radiation control technician. In this interview he discusses health and safety issues that he encountered at Rocky Flats while … Continue reading

Sanchez, Dalia – OH1876
Interview Date: August, 1, 2013

Dalia was born in 1995 in Brighton, Colorado.  Her parents had come to Colorado from Mexico about 14 years before that time. She went to elementary school in Frederick, Colorado and later to Longmont High School.  She describes her elementary … Continue reading

Sand, Cherry – OH1601
Interview Date: 2009

Cherry Sand is one of the early members of the Potters Guild, which celebrated forty years in Boulder in 2009. This is one of several interview of members that document the history of the organization. Cherry describes how the Guild … Continue reading

Sand, John A. III – OH1661
Interview Date: 2010

A Gold Hill resident for fifteen years and President of the Gold Hill Club, John Sand relates his experiences in the the Gold Hill community as well as discussing the history of Gold Hill. He focuses on what makes Gold … Continue reading

Sarbaugh, Jody (Joanne) Copeland – OH1411
Interview Date: 2006

ABSTRACT: Jody Sarbaugh relates stories of growing up in Boulder during the 1940s and raising a family in Boulder during the 1950s and ‘60s. She describes the Boulder of her childhood; the family business, Sturtz and Copeland Florists and Greenhouses, … Continue reading

Sarceno, Kelly – oh1868
Interview Date: July 13, 2013

Kelly was born to Guatemalan parents who immigrated first to California and then to Colorado. She was born in the United States. She attended elementary and middle schools in Longmont and Niwot High School for her freshman year. She was … Continue reading

Sawhill, Gene – OH1707
Interview Date: 2011

Gene Sawhill talks about his life growing up in what was the community of Valmont, just north of Boulder. He mentions his familly’s arrival there from the Midwest, and describes his many years of working for the Public Service Company … Continue reading

Sawhill, George and Charles – OH0336
Interview Date: 1983, 1986

People: George L. Sawhill, Charles Sawhill, Judge Housel.   Places: Boulder, Valmont, Davidson area, Burlington, Gunbarrel Hill.   Subjects: 90 years old; Donnelly house; Jones Hotel and stage stop; Jones and Donnelly irrigation ditch; Valmont School; brick yard; Presbyterian Church; … Continue reading

Sayre, John M. – OH0652
Interview Date: 1994

People: John Sayre, Frank Boggess, Donald Brotzman, Loren Cumberford, Morris Garnsey, Colin Goodykoontz, Bill Light, Clay Malick, Jim Martin, Bill Paddock, Bud Pietenpol, Rup Ryan, Charlie Sayre, Henry Sayre, Jean Sayre, John Wittemyer.   Places: Boulder.

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