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Schoedinger, Tara – OH1944
Interview Date: October 20, 2013

Tara Schoedinger, mayor of Jamestown, describes the flooding of the town during the September 2013 floods and the community’s efforts at recovery. This interview was recorded less than a month after the catastrophic flooding, which destroyed many houses and roads … Continue reading

Schofield, Maude – OH0292
Interview Date: 1975

Life on a ranch in Lafayette schooling Ku Klux Klan family church coal mining    

Schofield, Rena Jane and Edna – OH0061
Interview Date: 1975

People: Rena Jane Schofield, Edna Schofield.   Places: Lafayette.   Subjects: Lafayette: food, transportation.  

Schonbeck, Niels – OH1511
Interview Date: 1997

Biochemist Niels Schonbeck discusses the work of Edward Martell, who first studied radiation in tobacco/cigarettes and then alerted the public to environmental radiation that came from activities and accidents at Rocky Flats. Martell took soil-sample measurements after the 1969 fire … Continue reading

Schonbeck, Niels – OH0990
Interview Date: 2000

Niels Schonbeck, a biochemistry professor at Metropolitan State College who teaches a course relating to nuclear dilemmas, discusses his involvement with the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. He talks about his work on the Rocky Flats Environmental Monitoring Council and … Continue reading

Schoolland, John Bernard – OH0031
Interview Date: 1977

People: John Schoolland, Joseph Sturtevant.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: The Depression, University of Colorado; mining; trains; churches; Boulder Then and Now.

Schoolland, John Bernard – OH0522
Interview Date: 1987

People: John Schoolland, S.I. Hayakawa.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Depression: house prices; S.I. Hayakawa speech; University of Colorado at Boulder; counselling service; changes in Boulder.  

Schott, Bertha Hartnagle – OH0574
Interview Date: 1987

Hartnagle, John J., 1881- Leggett, Grace. Montgomery, Robert Clark, 1835-1912. Davidson School (Boulder County, Colo.) Denver & Interurban Railroad. Mount Saint Gertrude Academy (Boulder, Colo.) National Grange. Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church (Boulder County, Colo.) School District No. 5 … Continue reading

Scohy, Alma Larena Nielsen – OH0030
Interview Date: 1978

People: Alma Scohy.   Places: Magnolia.   Subjects: The Depression; mining.

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