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Talmey, Nancy Stites – OH0736
Interview Date: 1995

Gold Hill, Sunshine, University of Colorado, NeoData, Sunshine Cemetery Association, Sunshine Fire Protection District, wildlife of Sunshine Canyon, Telluride, Anne and Gilbert White, Josie Heath, June Sampson, Bebee Doherty, Paul Danish, Paul Snyder, Judge William Neighbors, Brad Leach, Frank Finn, … Continue reading

Tanner, Mildred – OH0075
Interview Date: 1971

People: Mildred Tanner.   Places: Boulder, Tungsten, Marshall.   Subjects: Influenza epidemic, tuberculosis, 1917 flood, Chautauqua; Tungsten, Denver Interurban.  

Tate, Ellen – OH1312
Interview Date: 2001

ABSTRACT: Ellen Tate describes growing up in Philadelphia; moving frequently with her husband, Penfield Tate II, while he was in the military; and moving to Boulder in 1967. She speaks about experiences as an African American, experiencing racism while traveling … Continue reading

Taylor, Cynthia – OH1666
Interview Date: 2010

In this interview, Cynthia Taylor, director of Consumer Affairs Division in the Boulder District Attorney’s office for 27 years, reflects on the history of consumer protection in Boulder. Changes have come about through the positive and negative effects of the … Continue reading

Taylor, Doc – OH0235
Interview Date: 1984

People: Doc(Oliver I.) Taylor.   Places: Boulder.   Subject: Life of a Boulder realtor.  

Taylor, Walter Anthony (Tony) – oh1940
Interview Date: March 9, 2014

Walter Taylor talks about his life, what led him to being homeless, and the challenges of homeless life. He talks about good jobs he has had in the past; his previous struggle with alcoholism; the way that religion has helped … Continue reading

Tchozewski, Chet – OH1513
Interview Date: 1997

Chet Tchozewski got involved with Rocky Flats activism just prior to the 1978 rally and demonstration. He went on to work on behalf of the Rocky Flats Truth Force and the American Friends Service Committee, among other organizations. In this … Continue reading

Tchozewski, D. Chet – OH0926
Interview Date: 1998

Abstract: Chet Tchozewski discusses the development of his environmental and peace activism with respect to the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. He talks in detail about his involvement with the 1978 protest, how the “Truth Force” resistance on the railroad … Continue reading

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