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The Great Depression – OH0266
Interview Date: 1985

Excerpts from oral histories about the Great Depression, assembled for a Boulder High School studies course. Supplemental material is available.    

the Happy Valley Centennial Celebration Committee – OH0639
Interview Date: 1993

People: James B. Benedict, Donald C. Camp, Charles Peterson, Mr. Bailey Places: Boulder, Caribou, Eldora Topics: Boulder County Indians, artifacts, Lyons sandstone, migration, healing traditions, Thunderbird, art, trading, game drives, mines in Eldora area, Caribou, Eldora buildings, mining boom, population, … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1266
Interview Date: 2004

People: Tom Theobald   Places: Honey House northwest of Niwot   Topics: reclaiming propolus from “honey supers”, properties of propolus, sale to pharmaceutical company, drone bees, extracting honey from honey supers, uncapping combs, use of capping spinner, extraction of honey, … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1157
Interview Date:

Interview with Tom Theobald, the last Boulder County bee inspector. Topics include history of beekeeping; bee life cycles, diseases, stings, swarms, and hives; honey, popolis, and beeswax; and the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Association.  The interview is filmed on site in … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1170
Interview Date: 2003

This interview takes place in beekeeper Tom Theobald’s Honey House. He talks about how beeswax is produced in bee hives, demonstrates the process of collecting beeswax, and talks about the properties of beeswax and its commercial uses.

Theobald, Tom – OH1171
Interview Date: 2003

This interview with beekeeper Tom Theobald takes place at the Honey House on the grounds of Left Hand Valley Tree Nursery in Niwot. He discusses the use of beeswax for making dipped candles. Topics include materials used, candle dipping technique, … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1259
Interview Date: 2004

People: Tom and Barbara Theobald   Places: Bee yard northwest of Niwot   Topics: demonstration of harvesting honey from bee hives in the fall, bears in bee yard, wasps attack and kill distressed bees, bee behavior (stings, reaction to fragrances, … Continue reading

Thomas M. Rauch – OH1287
Interview Date: 2004

DESCRIPTION People: Dr. Eric Martell, Bob Williams, Dr. John (Jock) Cobb, Gov. Roy Romer, Gov. Dick Lamm, Rep. Tim Wirth, Jim Kelly — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: American Friends Service Committee, opposition to the Vietnam War, … Continue reading

Thomas, Mabel Andre – OH0577
Interview Date: 1987

People: Mabel Thomas, John Andre, Mary Alice Andre, Bill Hodgson   Places: Boulder, Davidson.   Subjects: Colorado State Grange, Davidson Grange, Davidson School, 4-H clubs, agriculture, Cooperative Patrons of Husbandry, communicable diseases, smallpox, farm life, manners and customs, World War II (1939-1945), 95th Street and Isabelle Road.  

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