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Tower, Gertrude – OH0177
Interview Date: 1976

Family came in covered wagons; grandfather Weaver; Silver Spruce School; State Preparatory School; Mount St. Gertrude; Depression; drove school bus; managed cafeterias in Boulder schools; Gordon McHenry Toll Road to Sugarloaf; tungsten boom; home remedies; disciplining children; Sugarloaf Sunshine Society; … Continue reading

Travis, Charles R. – OH1645
Interview Date: 2010

Charles Travis was a student at Whittier Elementary School during his fourth- and fifth-grade years in 1950 and 1951. In this interview with fourth-grade students from the Whittier Student Historians’ Club, he reminisces about that time, recalling the building in … Continue reading

Tregay, Cecelia Schick with Johanna Crowell – OH0197
Interview Date: 1979

People: Cecelia Schick Tregay, Johanna Crowell.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Lived in Colorado since 1912; animal show, mining.  

Trevarton, Charlotte Lillian Boinay – OH0872
Interview Date: 1996

Faivre family; Edwin Boinay; Enos Mills; Potato Hill neighborhood; Elk Mountain Ranch; Big Elk Ranch; Wild Basin Lodge; schools; logging; South St. Vrain Road; wildlife; cattle ranching; ice; phone; snow; land conservation.  

Trevino, Arthur – OH1953
Interview Date: April 5, 2014

Arthur Trevino describes the damage to his rental home in Longmont, caused by the Boulder County Flood of 2013.  Art’s experience was complicated by several factors: he had moved to Boulder only four months before the flood; during the most … Continue reading

Tripp, Don – OH0233
Interview Date: 1984

People: Don Tripp.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Tripp’s Grocery market.  

Tripp, Leila – OH0178
Interview Date: 1976

Schools; clothing; social life; Boulder since 1909; Billy Sunday; Promise Mine & Milling Company, Lakewood; child rearing; picnics; Christian Church; Community hospital; one-room school teacher; fashion; voting in 1928; hair styles; hats; calling cards; childhood sicknesses and cures; ice box; … Continue reading

Trumble, Ed – OH0748
Interview Date: 1995

Supplemental material available in OH file. Lyons, Louisville, Niwot, University of Colorado, Gunbarrel, Boulder, Leanin’ Tree greeting card company and museum.    

Turner, E. Robert – OH0632
Interview Date: 1993

People: Walter Orr Roberts, Dwight Sayles, Ed Farmer, Archie Twitchell, Frank Buchanan, Francis Reich, Paul Crouch, Scott Carpenter.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:Boulder City Manager in 1960: water, NCAR, Blue Line, Crossroads Mall, PLAN-Boulder, IBM, Enchanted Mesa, council meetings, council members. … Continue reading

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