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Wainwright, Art and Helen – OH0638
Interview Date: 1993

Bird watching, Bear Creek, bird clubs, mushroom collecting, changes in Boulder County since 1960, pipe bomb at Chautauqua.    

Waldrop, Frances T. – OH0458
Interview Date: 1989

People: Em “Bugtown” Birge.   Places: Boulder, Silver Lake, Long’s Peak.   Topics: Pearl Street, Noah’s Ark; Interurban; Wilson’s Hardware; Central Park; Snow Photo Studio; Curran Theater, Nicol millinery shop, Mapleton Hill homes; State Preparatory School, flag rush; dances, circuses; … Continue reading

Waldrop, Gayle – OH0247
Interview Date: 1984

People: Gayle Waldrop.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Journalism professor at the University of Colorado; mountaineering.  

Waligorski, Errol and Karen – OH1105
Interview Date: 2002

People: Gladys Forshee, Bob Morgan, Heather Brooks, Kathryn Barth, Doreen Ruffe   Places: original Superior (Old Town Superior), Industrial Mining Camp, Superior Cemetery, Rock Creek subdivision, Grasso Park   Topics: Superior Historical Commission, formation of Commission, help from other towns, … Continue reading

Walker, Alfreda Enid Hartnagle – OH0504
Interview Date: 1990

This interview includes discussion of Marshall (Colo.), Indians, railroads, bootlegging, orphanages (Denver, Colo.), Gorham Mine, 1913 snow, Rollinsville ice house, ice storage, and Christmas.  

Walker, Dorothy Burch – OH0575
Interview Date: 1991

People: Dorothy Walker, Marie Tyrer.   Places: Altona, Sunshine   Subjects: Altona School, Sunshine School, Left Hand Canyon, manners and customs, mines and mineral resources, postal service, social dances, Star routes.  

Walker, Eileen Lingham – OH1314
Interview Date: 2001

People: Reginald Irving Lingham, Janice Lingham Osborne, Kendall Lingham, Frank Lingham, Lulu Lingham, Mary Parks Lingham, Irving Victor Lingham, Annie Horn   Places: Boulder   Topics: childhood in Boulder, being one of the few African Americans growing up in Boulder, … Continue reading

Walker, Florence and Everett – OH0036
Interview Date: 1977

People: Florence Walker, Everett Walker.   Places: Jamestown.   Subjects: rural schooling; tuberculosis.

Walker, James F. – OH0386
Interview Date: 1988

Walker Ranch, describes buildings.

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