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Willig, George – OH0245
Interview Date: 1980

Excerpted from radio program ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” with Jim McKay interviewing George Willig (mic’d up) while free climbing the Bastille in Eldorado Canyon. Forms part of the Eldorado Springs Historical Society collection.  

Willis, Edna – OH0181
Interview Date: 1972

Teaching at University of Colorado, 1924-1964.    

Wilshusen, Fred and Lucille – OH0214
Interview Date: 1982

People: Fred Wilshusen, Lucille Wilshusen.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of Lincoln School. Forms part of the Lincoln School Collection.  

Wilson, Dan – OH1789
Interview Date: 2012

Dan Wilson tells about being born and growing up in a house on 7th Avenue (now Hawthorne Street) in Boulder, mainly during the Depression years. His parents acquired eight acres of land that included a house, barn, chicken house, other … Continue reading

Wilson, David – OH0941
Interview Date: 1998

People: David Wilson (creator of KGNU four-part radio documentary history “Return to the Nuclear Crossroads”), Jonathan Schell (author of “Fate of the Earth” and “The Abolition”), Helen Caldicott, Daniel Ellsberg, Ellen Klaver, Steve Lipsky (FBI), Pam Solo, Ann Swift   … Continue reading

Wilson, Ernie – OH1727
Interview Date: 2011

Irwin (Ernie) Wilson came to Boulder as a faculty member for the University of Colorado chemistry deparrtment. When he and his family arrived, there were very few Jews in Boulder, a Jewish Fellowship rather than a full-fledged congregation, no synagogue … Continue reading

Winchester, Elinor – OH0617
Interview Date: 1992

Places: Boulder, Switzerland Park.   Topics: Boulder schools, Boulder Philharmonic, Boulder Civic Opera, shopping before Crossroads Mall, polio, First Presbyterian Church.  

Winchester, Elinor Roberts – OH1802
Interview Date: 2012

Elinor Winchester has been a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Boulder since 1945. In this interview for the First Presbyterian Church History Project, she describes her early life and what brought her to Boulder. She explains how she … Continue reading

Winchester, Norman C. – OH0603
Interview Date: 1993

People: Norman C. Winchester.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: University of Colorado; National Bureau of Standards; Switzerland Park; hippies, 1970s.  

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