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Wootten, Barbara Stearns – OH0892
Interview Date: 1997

Topics: Boulder, Denver, growing up in Boulder, what it was like to be the daughter of the president of the University of Colorado, people who visited in the president’s home, University Hill School, Boulder stores, skating, sledding, movies, Dr. and … Continue reading

Worley, Lee – OH1383
Interview Date: 2005

ABSTRACT: Lee Worley has been a faculty member of Naropa since its inception in 1974. She is the director of the Theater Studies Program and chair of the Interarts Department. She discusses her memories of Naropa Institute‚Äôs early years and … Continue reading

Wright, Kenneth R. – OH0678
Interview Date: 1994

People: Baker Armstrong, Fred Shelton, Merle Ross, Bill Eck, Bob McKelvey, Kurt Gerstle, Al Bartlett, David Lind, Janet Robertson, Hugh McCaffrey, Dale Johnson, Gerry Cunningham, Glenn Porzak, Penfield Tate, John Beuchner, Timothy Fuller, Karen Paget, Homer Ball, Tom Waugh, Ruth … Continue reading

Wright, Ruth – OH1092-3
Interview Date:

See interview with Al Bartlett, OH1092

Wright, Ruth M. – OH0078
Interview Date: 1978

Greenbelt campaign, PLAN-Boulder.    

Wright, Ruth M. – OH0674
Interview Date: 1994

People: Kenneth Wright, Al Bartlett, Bob McKelvey, Homer Page, Joe Stepanek, Dick Lamm, David Skaggs, Roy Romer, Marlene Detman, Crystal Gray, Matt Jones, Jane Mendez, Dorothy Rupert, Steve Williams, Robert Knecht, Jack Murphy, John Wittemyer   Places: Boulder   Topics … Continue reading

Wulsin, Lucien – OH0971
Interview Date: 1997

Places: Camp Ritchie (Maryland), New York City, Baltimore, Germany, France   Topics: military service during World War II, training, dancing at Roseland Ballroom (NY) on days off, shipping out overseas, photo intelligence work, combat, being wounded, reflections on WW II, … Continue reading

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