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Wayne Nuzum – OH0476
Interview Date: 1989

Nuzum Nursery   Big Nickle Inn on the Hill   National Bureau of Standards landscaping   “Guide to Gardening” on KBOL   changes in landscaping   asthma   Boy Scouts  

Weaver, Bill – OH1261
Interview Date: 2004

People: Steve Tebo, Mary Jane Weaver, Rosalie Wagner, Sonny Grandelius   Places: Boulder, Jamestown   Topics: careers in real estate development and as a builder (Abbott-Weaver Agency, North Boulder, Frasier Meadows, Willow Springs area), designing and sandblasting stone signs (University … Continue reading

Weaver, Halcyon Nye – OH0109
Interview Date: 1977

Topics: Early Pueblo; homesteading; education; childhood games; women’s organizations.

Weaver, Jack Dale – OH0965
Interview Date: 1999

People: Jack Weaver (long-time Rocky Flats employee, currently a consultant at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site), Len Ackland, Leroy Moore, Margaret Schonbeck, Niels Schonbeck   Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: working as Chemical Operator in 771 Building, … Continue reading

Weaver, Jack Dale – OH1257
Interview Date: 2004

People: Admiral James D. Watkins — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: work at Rocky Flats (1961 to 1996) and as consultant to Rocky Flats (1996 to 2002), Building 771 (32 years of work in Building 771, changes to … Continue reading

Weaver, Jack Weaver – OH1517
Interview Date: 1999

This brief interview with Jack Weaver is a follow-up to one that took place in 1998 (OH1516). Conversation focuses on the possibility that Rocky Flats can be cleaned up, as promised, by the year 2006. Jack talks about his own … Continue reading

Weber, Arden and Pherson, O.P. – OH0854
Interview Date: 1964-1969

Places:  Bellows Falls, Vermont — Topics:  steam power, Montana blizzard, Pat’s Hole.  

Weber, Arden with F.E. Holdrege and Elvis Hilton – OH0855
Interview Date: 1964

People: Arden Weber, F. E. Holdrege, Elvis Hilton.   Places: Rawlins, Wyoming; North Park, Colorado.   Subjects:  

Weber, Linda – OH1844
Interview Date: 2013

Linda Weber was involved with the early days of forming and then developing the Boulder Valley Clinic, now the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, as a sexual health care clinic beginning in the mid-1970s. The clinic began by providing abortion … Continue reading

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