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Wegley, Lynne – OH1710
Interview Date: 2011

Lynne Wegley was the president of the League of Women Voter of Boulder County at the time of this interview, as well as having been president of the organization from 1989-1991. She speaks about the dual missions of the League, … Continue reading

Weiser, Ricky – OH0963
Interview Date: 1999

People: Rolly Addison, Carolyn Holmberg, Ron Stewart, Bruce Weiser   Places: Boulder, Boulder County   Subjects: Shakespeare Festival, Meadowbrook subdivision, White Rocks preserve, wildlife, Martha’s home along Boulder Creek, Boulder Open Space Department regulations, horse property, preservation of natural areas, … Continue reading

Weiser, Ricky Weiser – OH1788
Interview Date: 2002

This interview was conducted in January of 2002, less than three months before Ricky Weiser’s death on April 4. The interviewers were two Japanese visitors, one of whom was a Japanese lawyer who was in Boulder to study natural resources … Continue reading

Weisz, Shirley A. – OH1672
Interview Date: 2010

Shirley Weisz discusses her work designing English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum for a variety of immigrant groups, including Cambodian, Hmong, Mexican, and Jewish Russian. In particular, she discusses such work for immigrants who came to Boulder through the … Continue reading

Wells, Mary Hummel – OH0337
Interview Date: 1986

People: Mary Hummel Wells,¬†Teresa Foster.   Places: Fort Chambers, Valmont.   Subjects: Chambers mansion; dancing; County Poor Farm; cook shack; herding cattle;¬† hippies; ice box; Brady’s Groceries, Dave Cobbley’s Store, Valmont school, classmates; Lee Hill Road.  

Wells, Virginia L. – OH1574
Interview Date: 2009

Ginny Wells has been deeply involved in the life of the First United Methodist Church in Boulder since 1960. She has been a member and chairperson of United Methodist Women, a member of and chairperson of the Board of Trustees, … Continue reading

Werner, Donna – OH1654
Interview Date: 2010

In the summer of 1990 Donna Werner and her husband, Randy, were among the first volunteers with Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ) to host a Russian immigrant family. The mission of BASJ was to provide human rights advocacy and … Continue reading

Wernick, Pete – OH1489
Interview Date: 2007

Books and recordings by Pete Wernick. Country Cooking (bluegrass band, 1970-1975). Demonstration of banjo playing technique. Education as a sociologist. E-town. History of the banjo as an instrument. Hosting a bluegrass radio program during college. Hot Rize (bluegrass band, 1978-1990 … Continue reading

West, Paul – OH0461
Interview Date: 1989

People: Paul West.   Places: Boulder, Nederland.   Subjects: Hydroelectric plant in Boulder Canyon: description of operation, operators, patrolman; Barker Dam; School District 33; Boulder Fish and Game Club.  

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