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Zanatta, Maria (Lola) D. Sarur – OH1988
Interview Date: September 5, 2014

Lola Sarur Zanatta came to Boulder from Veracruz, Mexico, in 1996. She came here to take a job doing childcare for a family, but now works as a bilingual secretary in an area elementary school. She speaks about the beauty … Continue reading

Zarichny, James – OH1610
Interview Date: 2009

Long-time social activist Jim Zarichny describes the family and personal history that led to his radicalized political beliefs. After his move to Boulder in 1967 those beliefs led to his work with the Boulder New American Movement and Left Hand … Continue reading

Zarina, Peter F. – OH0373
Interview Date: 1988

Louisville: Great Depression, gambling; hose races; Ku Klux Klan; 1910 labor war; Columbine Mine; unions; 1927 massacre; 1918 influenza epidemic; anecdotes   Boulder: mud streets; Jordinelli’s Saloon, wooden sidewalks, depot, flood of 1894, Interurban collision of 1920, 1913 snow storm, … Continue reading

Zeigler, Ethel – OH0312
Interview Date: 1976

People: Ethel Zeigler,┬áSusan Armitage.   Places: Kansas, Boulder, Baca County.   Subjects: Farm life; description of house; Great Depression; lived in underground sod house in Kansas; dust bowl; Baca County in 1930s; progressive education in Boulder; shopping. CREATOR Zeigler, Ethel, … Continue reading

Zimdahl, Sally – OH1382
Interview Date: 2005

ABSTRACT: Sally Zimdahl talks about growing up on the Hartman/Zimdahl farm at 12885 N. 115th St. in Longmont, where she was born in 1920, and where she has lived since retirement. She describes beet and barley farming, being self-sufficient during … Continue reading

Zingheim, J.A. – OH0755
Interview Date: 1963

Railroading stories on the hill, 1917 strike in Tabernash, engines #303, 201 65, 403; Frasier, Laramie River (WY), Arkansas River (CO), Cheyenne, Como, “Hokey Pokey”, anecdotes, life in mountains, early South Park railroading line, surveying for Moffat – tricks – … Continue reading

Zingheim, J.A., et. al. – OH0761
Interview Date: 1963

South Park railroad line, railroading, engines #40, 65, 38, 72 and others, railroading fights, drinking and other entertainment, fun and games, Raton, Trinidad, shop equipment, coal strike.    

Zook, Keith – OH0645
Interview Date: 1993

People: Francis Reich, Paddock family,┬áDon Brotzman, Dick McLean.   Places: Boulder since 1953, Martin Acres.   Subjects: Toastmasters in Boulder, Reynolds & Brotzman law firm, Williams, Stevens & Taussig law firm, Zook, Locke & Woolf law firm, Boulder County Bar … Continue reading

Zweck, Russell – OH1680
Interview Date: 1995

Russell Zweck was interviewed at his farm at 1107 N. 85th, Longmont, Colorado. Mr. Zweck’s grandfather acquired the property from a land grant to a soldier during the Indian Wars. He has the original deed signed by President Andrew Johnson. … Continue reading