Collection: African Americans in Boulder County

Bauduit, Martie Elizabeth Branche – OH1130
Interview Date: 2001

People: Tate family, Charles and Mildred Nilon, Eloise Mickens, George Washington Carver   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder in 1965, small but close-knit Black community in Boulder, United Black Action Committee, Heritage School, United Black Women of Boulder Valley, racial … Continue reading

Carpenter, De Laris – OH 1149
Interview Date: 2001

People: Jamila Akilah Carpenter, James Carpenter, James Earl Carpenter II, Sylvester Laurence Collins, Sr., Betsy Mae Barnes Collins   Places: Boulder (Colorado), Jackson (Mississippi)   Topics: childhood, education, family life in the 1930s and 1940s in Mississippi, parents’ emphasis on … Continue reading

Cooper, Ann – OH1274
Interview Date: 2004

People: Tom Koby, Brenda Lyle, Josie Heath, Phyllis Katz, Wanda James   Places: Boulder   Topics: People’s Clinic (San Juan del Centro satellite clinic, Hmong community), United Black Women of Boulder Valley, Minority Issues Coalition (racial profiling by police, mentorship … Continue reading

Emanuel, Franklin – OH0627
Interview Date: 1993

People: Emanuel Franklin.   Places: Boulder, Louisville   Subjects: African-American neighborhood near Goss Street and Water Street, growing up as African-American in Boulder, one of only 2 African-Americans who desegregated Casey Jr. High School in 1938, Louisville had ordinance forbidding … Continue reading

Emmanuel, Jewell – OH1308
Interview Date: 2001

People: Katie Sanford Denton (1869-1970), Ellen Sanford (d. 1904), Llewellyn Denton Anderson, Harlow Platt, Charles Franklin (Frank) Emmanuel Jr.   Places: Barr Lake, Brighton, Boulder   Topics: Gun Club at Barr Lake, children of Katie Sanford Denton, Denton family’s move … Continue reading

Hall, Alfreda E. – OH1309
Interview Date: 2001

People: Sarah Davis, Caesar Davis, Bernard Hall   Places: Boulder   Subjects: childhood in Texas, family life while growing up, schooling in Texas, life in Boulder since 1961, going to University of Colorado (Boulder) in the 1970s as a single … Continue reading

Lecture at Boulder High School by Dr. Ruth C. Flowers – OH0154
Interview Date: 1972

Topics: Black family in early Boulder; discrimination in high school; teaching at the University of Colorado.

Lingham, Grace – OH0626
Interview Date: 1993

People: Ms. Fitzpatrick.   Places: Boulder.   Topics:┬áBlack neighborhoods, employment, University of Colorado, Whittier, Tripps Market, discrimination in Boulder, Second Baptist Church, Water Street.  

Matthews, Carole L. – OH1310
Interview Date: 2001

People: John H. Wagner, Jessie Fordham Wagner   Places: Boulder   Topics: childhood in Washington, D.C. and rural Pennsylvania, great-grandmother Louise, difficulties of raising black children in Boulder, teaching African American literature at CU and at Boulder High School, experience … Continue reading

Nilon Nancy – OH1311
Interview Date: 2001

African American community in Boulder. Bringing up African American children in Boulder. Changes in race relations over time in Boulder. Childhood in Montgomery, Alabama (family history and traditions, schooling, recreational activities, facilities for African Americans in the 1920s and 1930s, … Continue reading

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