Collection: Arts in Boulder County

Interviews about fine art, crafts, literary art, music, theater, and other performance art of all kinds

Jourgensen, Linda – OH0702
Interview Date: 1994

People: Giora Bernstein, Chris Brauchli, Dan Sheehy, David Stainton   Places:  Boulder   Topics:  Colorado Music Festival

Karng Sandy – OH1481
Interview Date: 2007

Channel 9 segment of “Assignment Colorado” filmed in Ward Living in India Move to Ward in 1979 Poetry (poetry series in San Francisco, organized poetry readings, readings of her poems: “Hazel”, “More Moments with Hazel”, “Bringing Lunch to Hazel”, “His … Continue reading

Kent, Sam – OH1548
Interview Date: 2009

Sam Kent, who has, by turns, been a magician, DJ, theater and store manager, model train aficionado, and much more, talks about his life in Boulder from 1957 on. The interview covers topics as diverse as Boulder’s drive-in and other … Continue reading

King, Gretchen Goit – OH0656
Interview Date: 1993

People: Prissy Bowron, Ann Bradley, Sarah Lou Diller, Bill Elwood, Bill Elwood,Jr., Paul Hefron, Eleanor Lindstrom, Alden McGrew, John Pudlick, Steve Tebo, Williams brothers (Everett and George)   Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder since 1952, University of Colorado, Martin Acres, … Continue reading

Lehnert, Oswald “Ozzi” – OH0770
Interview Date: 1995

Supplemental material available in OH file.    

Leland, Pam – OH1178
Interview Date: 2003

People: Shelly and Ernie Moody, Emma “Ma” Spencer, Dorothy and George Sibley, Georgia and Vince Muro   Places: Rowena, Boulder   Topics: Boulder in the 1970s (cost of housing, stores in downtown Boulder and in North Broadway shopping area), Boulder … Continue reading

Lightfoot, Kenneth – oh1827
Interview Date: October 18, 2012

Kenny Lightfoot talks about being a magician and a street performer (or busker), the reasons he was attracted to Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall and the reasons he no longer performs in Boulder (mostly is due to Boulder’s ban on the … Continue reading

Marrocco, Celeste – OH0728
Interview Date: 1992

People: Celeste Marrocco.   Places: Ward.   Subjects: millsite, marriage ceremony, childbirth, child rearing, drugs, library’s artist-in-residence program.  

Musical performance by Chuck Woodward – OH0062
Interview Date: 1975

Chuck Woodward singing “That Coal Miners’ Son” and “Dime”. Listen to CD and view summary at Carnegie Branch Library.    

Nuzum, Janet M. – OH1603
Interview Date: 2009

Potter and Boulder Potters Guild founder Janet Nuzum describes the history of the Potters Guild, the development of and changes in the organization over the years, and especially, the finances of the organization, of which she was treasurer for many … Continue reading

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