Collection: Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry

The members of Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry worked for the release of Soviet Jewish “Refusniks” during the 1980s and 1990s, and then helped immigrants resettle in Boulder. This collection includes interviews with Soviet Jewish immigrants and BASJ members, including organizers, board members, host families, volunteer coordinators, and ESL tutors.

Bachayev, Boris – OH1677
Interview Date: 2010

Boris Bachayev and his family immigrated to the United States from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in the Soviet Union, with the help of Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry. He discusses both the lack of religious and other freedoms in the Soviet Union … Continue reading

Bailin, Roxanne – OH1651
Interview Date: 2010

Judge Roxanne Bailin discusses her role in the initial founding of Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry with Bill Cohen, and her motivations for being a part of the project. She first discusses a trip to the Soviet Union, from Dushanbe … Continue reading

Baxt, Robert – OH1726
Interview Date: 2011

Dr. Bob Baxt practiced dentistry in Boulder for many years, beginning in 1978. He worked with Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ) for several years in the late 1980s, organizing a program through which he and other dentists provided pro … Continue reading

Beckerman, Gal – OH1718
Interview Date: 2011

Gal Beckerman is the author of the award-winning book, “When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone,” a history of the American Jewish movement to obtain the release of Soviet Jewish refuseniks from the 1960s to the 1980s. On March … Continue reading

Bernheimer, Kathryn – OH1673
Interview Date: 2010

Kathryn Bernheimer discusses her work with Boulder Action for Soview Jewry, including work on the board of directors, being a mentor for an immigrant family, and her role in creating fundraisers for the organization. She talks about not only the … Continue reading

Blanchet, William L. – OH1644
Interview Date: 2010

Dr. Bill Blanchet speaks about his association with Bill Shiovitz, Bill Cohen, and the Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry project. Two major topics are covered: Dr. Blanchet’s experiences with patients who were Jewish emigres from the former Soviet Union and … Continue reading

Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ) Rally – OH1676
Interview Date: 1987

This recording is of a rally that took place on February 26, 1987, organized by the group Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ), to support efforts to gain the release of the Jewish mathematician Naum Meiman and other “refuseniks” (Jews … Continue reading

Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry and the Sister Cities Program: A Conversation – OH1716
Interview Date: 2011

A dual interview with William Cohen and Mary Hey regarding the inception of Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry as it coincided with the development of the Soviet Sister City Program. After twenty-four years, Cohen and Hey discuss and analyze collisions … Continue reading

Bradley, Rebecca – OH1688
Interview Date: 2010

In this interview Rebecca Bradley discusses her involvement in the efforts of Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry. Among other related topics, she describes the two trips she took to the former Soviet Union, the many connections she helped forge that … Continue reading

Cohen, Sara-Jane – OH1649
Interview Date: 2010

Sara-Jane Cohen was involved with Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ) from its beginning and through the process of resettling refuseniks from the Soviet Union in Boulder. She talks about her own experiences as an activist, starting in college with … Continue reading

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