Collection: Boulder County Farmers Market

This collection explores more than thirty years of the history of the Boulder County Farmers Market from its beginnings on the courthouse lawn in the 1978 to its becoming one of the more diverse and successful farmers markets in the country.

Anderson, Chet – OH1764
Interview Date: 2012

Chet Anderson, a Boulder native, has been farming for 30 years and is one of the founders of the 13th Street Boulder County Farmers’ Market. The market has grown since its beginning in 1987 when it included only seven farmers, … Continue reading

Convertito, Richard – OH1782
Interview Date: 2012

Richard Convertito, the first prepared food vendor at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market, speaks about his business, Amaizing Corn Tamales. He describes the process involved in preparing and selling the tamales, the number of markets he and his team serve, … Continue reading

Gates, Catherine Long – OH1107
Interview Date: November 16, 2002

The interview includes information about the Long family since J.D. Long arrived in Colorado in 1898 and the experiences Catherine had growing up on the farm. She discusses the development and growth of the business from its start as a … Continue reading

Haines, Sally – OH1748
Interview Date: 2011

Sally Haines first joined what is now the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets in its early years as a seller of medicinal herbs that she wildcrafted. In the years that followed, she became a board member, the president of the board, … Continue reading

McKenzie, John D. – OH1766
Interview Date: 2012

John McKenzie’s family has been farming in Boulder County since 1893. He was a founder of the Colorado Organic Producers Association (COPA), a member of the Boulder County Agricutural Advisory Committee, and a founder of the Boulder County Farmers’ Market. … Continue reading

Myers-Harbison, Gayle – OH1783
Interview Date: 2012

Gayle Myers-Harbison, owner of Gayle Grows It, sells perennial plants, cut flowers, and plants for edible landscaping. She has sold her plants at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market since the early 1990s. In this interview she describes a typical day … Continue reading

Parsons, Mark L. and Sue Parsons – OH1754
Interview Date: 2011

Mark and Sue Parsons have participated as Boulder County Farmers’ Market growers/vendors since 1987, and Mark says they will continue to sell there until “Sue is pushing me down in a wheelchair”. In this interview they tell about their own … Continue reading

Stevens, Richard E. and Betty J. – OH1743
Interview Date: 2011

Richard and Betty Stevens are farmers who began selling vegetables at the precursor to the Boulder County Farmers’ Market in 1978 when it was located on the Boulder courthouse lawn. They continued to sell at the market until 2010. Richard … Continue reading