Collection: Boulder County Latino History

This collection of interviews about Latinos in Boulder County consists of two parts. There is a set of earlier interviews that were collected from 1976 through the early 2000s. In 2013 the Boulder County Latino History Project gathered a wide range of information, including through oral history interviews, about the experiences and contributions of Latinos to this area over the past century. The 40+ interviews that they recorded are archived as part of this larger collection about Latino oral history. The second phase of the Boulder County Latino History Project will be to make that material widely available by developing a website, writing a book, and working with the two local school districts to incorporate Latino history and culture into teaching units.

Abila, Mr. and Mrs. George – OH0084
Interview Date: 1978

Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: school, Native Americans, sheepherding, Depression (partly in Spanish).

Abila, Tom – OH0085
Interview Date: 1978

Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: mixed neighborhood, Casey Jr. High, Goss-Grove area, Sacred Heart, prejudice, brick layer, rivalry with immigrants.

Alvarez, Teresa – OH0086
Interview Date: 1977

Teresa Alvarez speaks about Boulder’s Chicano Community in the early 20th century. She details her experiences involving Mount St. Gertrude Academy, Memorial Hospital, the town of Lafayette, her miner husband, and Sacred Heart School.

Alvarez, Teresa – OH0137
Interview Date: 1976

Theresa Alvarez, who was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, describes her life living in Boulder County. Her parents died when she was young so she lived with foster parents who were farmers in Fort Collins’ beet fields. The foster parents contracted … Continue reading

Alvarez, Virginia – oh1875
Interview Date: July 31, 2013

The interview begins by covering Virginia Alvarez’s early life in northeast Boulder County where her parents were farm workers. Her parents moved to Boulder County from Mexico in 1929, before Virginia was born in 1942. When she was a child, … Continue reading

Aranda, Elena – OH1887
Interview Date: August 12, 2013

Elena Aranda runs the Compañeras program at El Centro AMISTAD in Boulder, which helps to empower immigrant women. She describes the activities of her program, including nutritional, health, and English classes, and the history of AMISTAD’s founding. She was born … Continue reading

Arredondo, Yolanda – OH1218
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder Topics: Boulder County Safehouse (also called “Safehouse: Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence”), practice of ethical communication, need for early intervention, how Safehouse creates hope, narrator’s reasons for working with Safehouse, narrator’s development as a political activist, effect of Safehouse … Continue reading

Arroyo, Patrick – OH0426
Interview Date: 1989

Lafayette: Washington Mine fire, accidents, school, games, milk delivery, illnesses Boulder: Emmett Tombstones, Casey Junior High School, dances, Christmas bonfire, Halloween, police, trolley lines, Hygienic Ice Plant, Hygienic Swimming Pool, World War II, rationing, hippies, Central Park, Pearl Street Mall, … Continue reading

Arroyo-Holmstrom, Linda – OH1873
Interview Date: July 30, 2013

Linda Arroyo-Holmstrom, born in 1956, is a partially retired teacher. Her Arroyo grandparents came from Mexico to the Trinidad, Colorado, area as coal miners; then moved to Lafayette to work that area’s mines when the southern mines closed. Her other … Continue reading

Bernal, Dora – OH0079
Interview Date: 1978

One of eight Mexican-American children born into poverty in the San Luis Valley, Dora Bernal follows her parents to the Boulder-Longmont area, where they work seasonally in the sugar-beet industry for Great Western Sugar.  She marries a ne’er-do-well miner and … Continue reading

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