Collection: Boulder County Latino History

This collection of interviews about Latinos in Boulder County consists of two parts. There is a set of earlier interviews that were collected from 1976 through the early 2000s. In 2013 the Boulder County Latino History Project gathered a wide range of information, including through oral history interviews, about the experiences and contributions of Latinos to this area over the past century. The 40+ interviews that they recorded are archived as part of this larger collection about Latino oral history. The second phase of the Boulder County Latino History Project will be to make that material widely available by developing a website, writing a book, and working with the two local school districts to incorporate Latino history and culture into teaching units.

Lehmann, Jessie Velez – OH0089
Interview Date: 1978

Jessie Velez Lehmann describes Boulder’s Chicano community in a 1978 interview.  She talks about such topics as: mines, a sugar beet plant, railroads, migrant childhood, Hispanic society, discrimination, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), women’s roles, and  fears of Hispanics.

Lopez, Richard – OH1855
Interview Date: 2013

Richard Lopez, an attorney with Lopez Law Office in the City of Boulder, specializes in civil litigation, and land use and development. Lopez describes his experience of growing up in California and working in the fields picking grapes and peaches. … Continue reading

Maestas, Roy – OH0082
Interview Date: 1978

Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: covered wagon, moved to Boulder 1938, Washington Coal Mine, dances, Allied Chemical, Spanish neighborhoods, herb remedies, 19 grandchildren, Depression, W.P.A., Native Americans.

Maestas, Virginia – OH0083
Interview Date: 1978

Virginia Maestas was born in Longmont, Colorado; early years spent in the San Luis Valley. Her parents then traveled all over the state as migrant workers including work with beets and potato crops.   Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: born in … Continue reading

Maestas, Virginia – oh1923
Interview Date: October 31, 2013

Virginia Maestas was born in Colorado and grew up in Longmont, Boulder and the San Luis Valley. Both of her parents were born in New Mexico and worked as migrant farm workers. Later her father worked in the Great Western … Continue reading

Marquez, Sonia – OH1885
Interview Date: August 8, 2013

Sonia Marquez is the director for Northern Colorado of CIRC (Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition) and has set up youth groups in Longmont (LYFE) and Lafayette.  Her maternal grandparents came to Longmont around 1932 from northern New Mexico in a covered … Continue reading

Martinez, Emma Gomez – oh1893
Interview Date: September 3, 2013

Emma Gomez Martinez has been a spokesperson and advocate for the Hispanic community in Boulder since the 1950s. She was born in Aguilar, Colorado, in 1928. Her father had come from Mexico in the 1920s; her mother’s family was from … Continue reading

Martinez, Mary – oh1912
Interview Date: September 26, 1988

Mary Martinez describes her childhood during The Depression. She first lived in Denver; after her mother died when Mary was five, she lived in Milliken, CO with grandparents who were immigrants from Mexico. She describes working in the beet fields. … Continue reading

Martinez, Rick with Ralph DeAndrea, Tony Largo and Duggan Schofield – OH0053
Interview Date: 1975

Lafayette mining lives of miners, 1910-1950 wages for miners workings of mines mining dangers Audio file and summary available on-line. Listen to CD and view summary at Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.  

Medina, Miguel – OH1878
Interview Date: August 4, 2013

Miguel Medina describes his childhood years in Puerto Rico, his immigration to the United States as a teenager, and challenging years in Cleveland and Chicago when he struggled to bring up seven children as a single parent. Eventually, he moved … Continue reading

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