Collection: Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Gerstle, Kurt – OH0608
Interview Date: 1992

People: Paul Danish, Oakleigh Thorne, Al Bartlett, Ruth Wright, Quigg Newton, Minnie May Cunningham, Bob McKelvey, Max Peters, Dean Dyde of CU.   Places: Chautauqua, Enchanted Mesa, Mesa Trail.   Topics: work as professor of engineering at CU, exemplary ethics … Continue reading

Hanna, Helen McCarty – OH1354
Interview Date: 2005

People: Harry and Alveda Johnson Yeager, Charlie Johnson, Mattie Johnson, Hal Yeager, Horace McCarty, P.E. Hamm, Gray Secor, Dr. Funnell Places: Longmont Topics: Johnson farmhouse (HY Crest farm), Beasley School, dances in the 1920s, playing piano and organ for others, … Continue reading

Harrison, John William – OH1100
Interview Date: 2002

People: Neal (Shorty) Lohr, Dr. Dick Hargraves   Places: Longmont, Williams Cafe (300 Main Street, Longmont), Veterinary Hospital (North Main and Mountain View, Longmont), Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Neil Lohr farm (now Boulder County Agricultural Heritage Center) … Continue reading

Hicks, Skip – OH1195
Interview Date: 2004

People: Boze family of Longmont, Buford family of Hygiene, Hicks family, Neil “Shorty” Lohr, Jack Moomaw   Places: Rabbit Mountain, Hygiene   Topics: making concrete blocks with hand mold, cave and Indian gravesites on Rabbit Mountain, sulfur springs on Rabbit … Continue reading

Jenkins, Chris C. – OH 1475
Interview Date: 2007

Chris Jenkins, the inventor of the Chris-cutter, a machine for cutting stone, talks about the development of that machine, which revolutionized the stone cutting business. With the Chris-cutter, a stone cutter could go from being able to cut one ton … Continue reading

Lastoka, Mariann – OH1787
Interview Date: 2012

Mariann Lastoka recreates the experience of growing up on the Harney-Lastoka farm at 95th Street and South Boulder Road in the 1950s; and tells many stories about her large and close-knit family, members of which originally came to the area … Continue reading

Leyner, Albert – OH1193
Interview Date: 2004

People: Peter and Maria Leyner, Albert and Maynie Leyner   Places: Lafayette, Peter Leyner homestead property on 109th Street   Topics: Peter and Maria Leyner settle in Boulder County in 1862, farm-related parents, water rights and ditches, Leyner irrigation ditch, … Continue reading

Maagoe, Marjorie – OH1534
Interview Date: 2008

Marjorie Maagoe describes Rock Creek Farm during the late 1980s. Includes discussion of boarding horses, trail riding, the two houses on the property, and wild animals that live there. View DVD and transcript at Carnegie Branch Library.

Manchester, Herman and Sylvia – OH0222
Interview Date: 1983

People: Herman Manchester,¬†Sylvia Manchester.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of park and forest areas around Boulder.  

Marlatt, Alberta – OH1220
Interview Date: 2004

People: George Forbess, Willis and Alberta Marlatt,   Places: Hygiene, Marlatt property on 75th Street,   Topics: history of Marlatt property on 75th Street (Willis Marlatt’s parents purchased it from W.R. Brown, Willis and Alberta bought adjoining farm to the … Continue reading

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