Collection: Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Marlowe, Rick – OH1381
Interview Date: 2005

People: Ron Donahue, Leonard Ehrler, Trygve Bauge, Bredo Morstoel, Carol Burt   Places: Boulder, Boulder Reservoir   Topics: jobs with Boulder Recreation Department at the Boulder Reservoir (lifeguard beginning in 1967, manager of reservoir beginning in 1974), description of Boulder … Continue reading

Munson, Gary – OH0725
Interview Date: 1991

People: Gary Munson, Hazel Marguerite Schmoll.   Places: Ward.   Subjects: Ward: 1970s-1990, park rangers, animals, early days of Ward.  

Reynolds, Peter – OH1476
Interview Date: 2007

Peter Reynolds talks about Reynolds family history; the Reynolds Ranch, including the ranch house that was built in the mid-1880s; recreation and projects on the ranch when he was a child; tungsten mining; and the land during the 1960s, including … Continue reading

Shanahan, Tim L. – OH0220
Interview Date: 1983

People: Tim L. Shanahan.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of park and forest areas around Boulder.  

Smith, Michael with James Smith and Jeanette Smith – OH2011
Interview Date:

Mike Smith and his son James Smith talk about their family’s four-generations-long history of mining in Boulder County. Jeanette, Mike’s wife, contributes to the memories and information discussed. Topics include family history; hard rock mining in Boulder County; mining techniques, … Continue reading

Steele, Harold E. – OH1265
Interview Date: 2004

People: Harold Steele, John and Blanche Blivens Steele, Edward Dunsha Steele and Phoebe Steele, Everett and Maxine Knaus Steele, Andrew Steele   Places: Edward and Phoebe Steele homestead, Longmont   Topics: Edward Steele family’s move to Colorado, original Steele homestead … Continue reading

Teegarden, Dock – OH1543
Interview Date: 2008

Dock Teegarden discusses the history and development of Boulder County roads, from early wagon trails, through stage coach roads, railroads, and automobile roads. Included is discussion of many economic changes that stimulated their development, such as the gold rush, mines, … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1266
Interview Date: 2004

People: Tom Theobald   Places: Honey House northwest of Niwot   Topics: reclaiming propolus from “honey supers”, properties of propolus, sale to pharmaceutical company, drone bees, extracting honey from honey supers, uncapping combs, use of capping spinner, extraction of honey, … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1157
Interview Date:

Interview with Tom Theobald, the last Boulder County bee inspector. Topics include history of beekeeping; bee life cycles, diseases, stings, swarms, and hives; honey, popolis, and beeswax; and the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Association.  The interview is filmed on site in … Continue reading

Theobald, Tom – OH1170
Interview Date: 2003

This interview takes place in beekeeper Tom Theobald’s Honey House. He talks about how beeswax is produced in bee hives, demonstrates the process of collecting beeswax, and talks about the properties of beeswax and its commercial uses.

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