Collection: City of Boulder Government

This collection includes interviews with city managers, mayors, city council members. and with others about City of Boulder political issues.

Dietze, Peter C. – OH1445
Interview Date: 2006

Amusing anecdotes about being City Attorney. City of Boulder Open Space (condemnation of land for open space, funding of open space). City planning (spokes of the wheel concept, development of Pearl Street Mall). Expansion of Boulder’s north-south roads. Jobs as … Continue reading

Dooley, Gwen – OH1589
Interview Date: 2009

Gwen Dooley looks back on decades of community and governmental service to Boulder, beginning in the 1970s and continuing to this day: as a neighborhood activist, city council member, member of both the Open Space and Parks and Recs boards, … Continue reading

Durgin, Leslie – OH1559
Interview Date: 2009

Leslie Durgin served as a city council member and mayor of Boulder between 1989-1997. She was mayor during the building of the new NOAA/NIST facility, the JonBenĂ©t Ramsey murder, and the creation of the Youth Advisory Board. She discusses her … Continue reading

Durgin, Leslie – OH1244
Interview Date: 2003

People: Janet Beardsley   Places: Boulder   Subjects: childhood years and family background, political climate in Boulder and Colorado in the 1970s, nonprofit organizations with which she has worked, Colorado Coalition for Choice, need to resign from nonprofits while mayor … Continue reading

Geesaman, Richard E. – OH1571
Interview Date: 2009

Richard Geesaman talks about his love of Boulder, where he has lived since the 1950s. He talks about his work as a physician in private practice and for IBM, the creation of the Boulder County Department of Health, and his … Continue reading

Gray, Frank – OH1047
Interview Date: 2001

People: Rickie Weiser, Ruth Correll, Paul Danish, Janet Roberts, Sally Martin   Places: Boulder, Petaluma (California)   Topics: Boulder city planner (1978-1981), Danish Plan for growth management, 1978 Crossroads Redevelopment Plan, City of Boulder-University of Colorado relations, city planning issues … Continue reading

Greenlee, Robert D. – oh1525
Interview Date: 2008

Bob Greenlee has lived in Boulder for more than thirty years and has been involved in the life of the community through many diverse activities. He talks about the initial business opportunities which brought him here and others he has … Continue reading

Havlick, Spence – OH0814
Interview Date: 1996

In this interview, recorded in 1996, Spenser W. Havlick talks about how he has been involved in Boulder’s city planning since the 1970s. Both as a member of Boulder’s City Council and as a professor in Architecture and Planning at … Continue reading

Holloway, John P. – OH1446
Interview Date: 2006

John Holloway talks about his four years on the Boulder City Council during the 1960s, during which he was mayor of Boulder for two years. He mentions some of the political issues of that the council dealt with during the … Continue reading

Honey, Tim – OH1551
Interview Date: 2009

Tim Honey was Boulder City Manager from 1991 to 1997. In this interview he describes the political climate of Boulder in the 1990s, working under Mayor Leslie Durgin, and some of the issues that he and city council worked on … Continue reading

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