Collection: City of Boulder Government

This collection includes interviews with city managers, mayors, city council members. and with others about City of Boulder political issues.

Hutchinson, T. Henry – OH0774
Interview Date: 1995

Supplemental material available in OH file. Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Eldorado Springs: Faye Curtin, Don Brotzman, Glen Miller, Rollie Leonard, Mary Rippon, Miriam Rieder, Byron and Sam White, Ted McCaslin, Clarence Darrow, Mike Rinn, police chief Teegarden, Scott Carpenter, Anthony Ray, … Continue reading

Joyce, Ray – OH1560
Interview Date: 2009

Ray Joyce is a Boulder native who started and owned some of the first supermarkets in Boulder in the 1950s and served on the Boulder City Council from 1966 to 1969. In this interview he discusses what went into creating … Continue reading

Joyce, Ray – OH0331
Interview Date: 1986

Supplemental material available in OH file. Ran retail grocery stores; was a member of Boulder City Council in late 1960s; boyhood in Boulder; three major fires; hippies; famous Boulderites.    

Lamont, William – OH1055
Interview Date: 2001

People: Trafton Bean, Jim Bowers, Ted Tedesco, Bob Knecht, Ted Fuller   Places: Boulder, Boulder County, Gunbarrel   Topics: Directing the Boulder Planning Department, 1967-1974, zoning, subdivisions, PUDs (Planned Unit Developments), landscaping, sign ordinance, flowers, low-income housing, Greenbelt Program (Open … Continue reading

Lefferdink, Greg – OH1558
Interview Date: 2009

Greg Lefferdink, who served on the Boulder City Council from 1974 through 1981, talks about his election to council, the political climate in the city during the 1970s, people with whom he served, and many of the issues of the … Continue reading

Light, William C. – OH0659
Interview Date: 1994

People: William C. Light, Kayo Lam, George H. Light, James Marshall, William B. Pietenpol, John M. Sayre, Charles Eagle Plume.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Childhood in Boulder; Education in Boulder; Employment by City of Boulder; Golf in Boulder; Boulder … Continue reading

McCollum, Zoe Menkick – OH1350
Interview Date: 2005

People: Janet Roberts, Mary Estell Buchanan, Karen Paget, Ruth Correll, Ruth Wright, Betty Chronic   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Public Office for Women (POW), formation of group in 1971 to encourage women to run for elective office and to help … Continue reading

McCulloch, James H. – OH0623
Interview Date: 1992

People: Jack Duncan, Kenny Stone, Art Jaeger, Ed Woodward, Marvin Woolf, Ralph Underwager, Claude Settlemire, Rod Gilstrap.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Independent Testing Laboratories, rock jack, Illuminating Engineering Society, Boulderian Bushnill Society, politics, city council.  

McLean, Richard Cameron – OH0816
Interview Date: 1996

Places: Boulder   People: Ruth and Ken Wright, John Beuchner, Ted Tedesco, Murray Richtel, Ruth Correll, Janet Roberts   Subjects: City Council, Mayor, shopping center, Human Rights Commission, family, hippies, fluoride  

Reflections on Leadership: Ruth Correll and Janet S. Roberts – OH1699
Interview Date: 1999

In this program produced by Channel 8 TV, former Boulder City Council member, Janet Roberts, and former council member and mayor, Ruth Correll, talk about their cutting-edge roles as women active in politics in Boulder, particularly during the 1950s through … Continue reading

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