Collection: City of Boulder Government

This collection includes interviews with city managers, mayors, city council members. and with others about City of Boulder political issues.

Riethmayer, Leo – OH0378
Interview Date: 1988

People: Leo Riethmayer.   Places: Boulder, Gunbarrel.   Topics: University of Colorado, bureau of state and community service, bureau of government research and service, public administration, in-service training program and consultants for cities; mayor of Boulder 1955-1959; water rights; sewage … Continue reading

Roberts, Janet S. – OH1202
Interview Date: 2004

People: Walter Orr Roberts, Harlow Platt, Ruth Correll, Penfield Tate   Places: Boulder, Boulder County   Subjects: women in politics, High Altitude Observatory in Climax (Colorado), Boulder Planning Board (1956), Boulder City Council (1959-mid-1970s), PLAN-Boulder County, Boulder Urban Renewal Authority, … Continue reading

Ruzzin, Mark – OH1552
Interview Date: 2009

Mark Ruzzin, who was mayor of Boulder from 2004 to 2007, focuses his interview on his years of public service in Boulder, including his initial involvement with neighborhood issues in Boulder, as a member of the city’s planning board, a … Continue reading

Sears Beverly C. – OH1490
Interview Date: 2008

Boulder City Council, 1979-1987 (lawsuit regarding cable television service, growth management, Crossroads Mall, Coot Lake, revision of city charter, diversity amendment, first female majority, landlord-tenant issues, gun control). Boulder in the 1960s (description, young people, hippies, social activists, political idealism). … Continue reading

Staehle, Al – OH0526
Interview Date: 1986

People: Al Staehle, Brad Leach.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder police; 1972 Hill riot; Buccaneer Camp; STP Family; drug training for police.  

Struik, Ruth Rebekka – OH0989
Interview Date: 2000

People: Dirk Jan Struik (father), Saly Ruth Ramler Struik (mother), Arlene McClurg, Karen Paget, Penfield Tate   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW), National Women’s Political Caucus of Boulder (branch of NOW), League of … Continue reading

Tedesco, Ted – OH1606
Interview Date: 2009

Ted Tedesco, city manager of Boulder from 1967 to 1973, looks back with pleasure, humor, insight, and some nostalgia, on his tenure here. He begins by describing his background and early career as a jazz musician, followed by his decision … Continue reading

Turner, E. Robert – OH0632
Interview Date: 1993

People: Walter Orr Roberts, Dwight Sayles, Ed Farmer, Archie Twitchell, Frank Buchanan, Francis Reich, Paul Crouch, Scott Carpenter.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:Boulder City Manager in 1960: water, NCAR, Blue Line, Crossroads Mall, PLAN-Boulder, IBM, Enchanted Mesa, council meetings, council members. … Continue reading

Wright, Kenneth R. – OH0678
Interview Date: 1994

People: Baker Armstrong, Fred Shelton, Merle Ross, Bill Eck, Bob McKelvey, Kurt Gerstle, Al Bartlett, David Lind, Janet Robertson, Hugh McCaffrey, Dale Johnson, Gerry Cunningham, Glenn Porzak, Penfield Tate, John Beuchner, Timothy Fuller, Karen Paget, Homer Ball, Tom Waugh, Ruth … Continue reading

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