Collection: Farming and Ranching

People have been farming and ranching in Boulder County from pioneer days on. This collection documents that way of life from the late 1800s to the present day, from horse-based family farms to organic, community supported agriculture.

Warren, Paul E. and Bertha Strandberg – OH0038
Interview Date: 1977

People: Paul Warren, Bertha Warren, Ida Bass.   Places: Boulder, Balarat, Hidden Valley, Jamestown.   Subjects: Boulder, Balarat, coal miners, coal mining, gold and silver mining, Smuggler Mine, circus, Sunset Hill, CCC, family, Hidden Valley, Mining strikes, Jamestown, Kohler Ranch, … Continue reading

Watson, Clara (Claire) – OH0304
Interview Date: 1976

People: Clara Watson.   Places: Denver, Kansas.   Subjects: Building sod house in Colorado; dances; singing; water witching; daily life.  

Wells, Mary Hummel – OH0337
Interview Date: 1986

People: Mary Hummel Wells, Teresa Foster.   Places: Fort Chambers, Valmont.   Subjects: Chambers mansion; dancing; County Poor Farm; cook shack; herding cattle;  hippies; ice box; Brady’s Groceries, Dave Cobbley’s Store, Valmont school, classmates; Lee Hill Road.  

Western Yesterdays – OH0856
Interview Date: [197?]

Recorded for the KGNU radio program, Western Yesterdays, with Forest Crossen.

Williams, Carl W. – OH0348
Interview Date: 1987

People: Carl W. Williams, John L. Lewis, Buffalo Bill.   Places: Boulder, Lafayette.   Topics: Vietnamese Series: born in Lafayette; 1927 coal miners’ strike; ethnic groups; Columbine Mine; influenza; Mexicans in mines; bootlegging; frontier fighting; coal miners’ doctors; cattle drives; riding … Continue reading

Winn, Hunt – OH0849
Interview Date: 1973

People: Hunt Winn, J.B. Beyers.   Places: Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder since 1923, Cowboy life, haberdashery business.  

Woodley Celeste P. – OH1491
Interview Date: 2008

Domestic animals on the farm (horses, goats). Dry Creek. Landmarked farm at 7957 Arapahoe Road, Boulder (construction, renovation, additions to house built in the 1870s, crops grown, barn constructed with CU stadium seats, milk house). Vegetation in the area. Wildlife … Continue reading

Zeigler, Ethel – OH0312
Interview Date: 1976

People: Ethel Zeigler, Susan Armitage.   Places: Kansas, Boulder, Baca County.   Subjects: Farm life; description of house; Great Depression; lived in underground sod house in Kansas; dust bowl; Baca County in 1930s; progressive education in Boulder; shopping. CREATOR Zeigler, Ethel, … Continue reading

Zimdahl, Sally – OH1382
Interview Date: 2005

ABSTRACT: Sally Zimdahl talks about growing up on the Hartman/Zimdahl farm at 12885 N. 115th St. in Longmont, where she was born in 1920, and where she has lived since retirement. She describes beet and barley farming, being self-sufficient during … Continue reading

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