Collection: Fourmile Canyon Fire

The Fourmile Canyon Fire of September 2010 destroyed 189 homes in the foothills west of Boulder. This collection includes interviews with evacuees, people who lost their homes, firefighters, and other governmental officials.

Robinson, Thema Morey – oh1850
Interview Date: June 12, 2013

Thelma Robinson speaks of her adventurous life from the time she was a newlywed living in the tar paper shack associated with the former Black Swan Mill to her writing about the experiences of the WWII Cadet Nurse Corps. Topics … Continue reading

Slack, Andrew – OH1737
Interview Date: 2011

Andrew Slack is a Boulder native in his mid-20s whose father was an architect, volunteer firefighter, and the author of “Firewise Construction”, a book that explains best practices for building and living in the foothills and mountains to minimize loss … Continue reading

Spencer, Dee – OH1706
Interview Date: 2011

Dee Spencer, longtime resident of Sunshine Canyon, discusses the Fourmile Fire and the effects that it provoked, ranging from very personal to effects on the broader community. At the time of the fire, which consumed her house, she and her … Continue reading

Stratton, Steve – OH1732
Interview Date: 2011

Steve Stratton has been a resident of Sunshine Canyon since 2000, served as fire chief of the Sunshine Fire District for seven years, and continues to be a volunteer firefighter for that fire district. In this interview he talks about … Continue reading

Stratton, Wanda J. – OH1752
Interview Date: 2011

Wanda Stratton is a resident of Sunshine Canyon who evacuated when the Fourmile Canyon Fire exploded in September of 2010. For days after relocating to Boulder, she believed that her house had perished in the fire, but she later discovered … Continue reading

Sussman, Cheryl and Sam – OH1774
Interview Date: 2010

On September 6, 2010, Sam and Cheryl Sussman looked out the door of their home and saw a twenty-foot wall of flames rising behind their next-door neighbor’s house, leaving them only moments to evacuate before the Fourmile Canyon Fire swept … Continue reading

Toll, Greg – OH1731
Interview Date: 2011

In this wide-ranging interview Greg Toll, firefighter and Division Chief of the Boulder Wildland Fire Division, speaks about wildland firefighting, including the classification of fires, the structure of firefighting groups, and firefighting techniques and technology. He talks about several Boulder … Continue reading

Waltman, Steve – OH1751
Interview Date: 2011

Steve Waltman, who has lived in the town of Sunshine since 1990, has worked as a volunteer firefighter as well as having served on the Sunshine Fire Department’s Board of Directors and as both Assistant Chief and Chief of the … Continue reading

Wheeler, Janice A. – OH1753
Interview Date: 2011

Janice Wheeler’s house in Sunshine Canyon burned to the ground during the Fourmile Canyon Fire of September 2010 – a house that her father, Harry Covey, built around the structure of the original Sunshine jail. Her interview contains rich descriptions … Continue reading

Wheeler, Nathan – OH1765
Interview Date: January 15, 2012

In this moving, insightful, and artistically fascinating interview, Nate Wheeler describes his experience of the Fourmile Canyon Fire and the burning of the house in which he grew up and in which three generations of his family had lived. In … Continue reading

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