Collection: Feminism

Mancinho, Anita – OH1219
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Subjects: childhood in Rhode Island, decision to become a nun after high school, working as a foreign missionary in Southeast Asia and South America, leaving the religious order, working with immigrants and troubled youth, Spain in the … Continue reading

Marone, Nicky – OH1247
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Topics: programs started for the YWCA (The Edge: Girls Empowerment Program, life skills program for welfare mothers), “How to Father a Successful Daughter” by Nicky Marone, family background, changes at the Boulder YWCA in the past eight … Continue reading

McCollum, Zoe Menkick – OH1350
Interview Date: 2005

People: Janet Roberts, Mary Estell Buchanan, Karen Paget, Ruth Correll, Ruth Wright, Betty Chronic   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Public Office for Women (POW), formation of group in 1971 to encourage women to run for elective office and to help … Continue reading

Pearson, Kayrene B. – OH1227
Interview Date: 2003

ABSTRACT: Minister Kayrene Pearson talks about the moral complexity of the issue of abortion; her pro-choice activism, including escorting patients into abortion clinics; her involvement with Clergy for Choice; addressing social justice issues as part of her ministry; and teaching … Continue reading

Struik, Ruth Rebekka – OH0989
Interview Date: 2000

People: Dirk Jan Struik (father), Saly Ruth Ramler Struik (mother), Arlene McClurg, Karen Paget, Penfield Tate   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW), National Women’s Political Caucus of Boulder (branch of NOW), League of … Continue reading

Toevs-Wait, Rebecca Mae – OH1194
Interview Date: 2002

People: Wally Toevs, David Wait   Places: Boulder   Topics: comparison of Boulder in the 1960s versus 2002, Wally Toevs’ jobs (Prebyterian minister, county commissioner), Rebecca Toevs-Wait’s jobs (University of Colorado, NCAR, StorageTek, others), being a working mother in the … Continue reading

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