Collection: Flood of 2013

These interviews document the experiences of residents, first responders, governmental officials, and others during and after the Flood of 2013. Boulder County was particularly hard hit. The storm dropped 17.5 inches of rain in the county between September 9 and September 16. The resultant flooding stranded whole communities, damaged150 miles of road, destroyed 345 houses, damaged another 557 houses, and was responsible for four deaths. This collection is a long-term project; we began interviewing late in 2013 and expect to continue to add interviews for a period of years. Check back for new interviews from time to time.

Pelle, Joe – OH1910
Interview Date: December 10, 2013

Joe Pelle talks about some of the events and issues that have presented challenges for the sheriff’s office recently and going in to the near future, including the Flood of 2013 and its aftermath, gun control laws, the use of … Continue reading

Phillips, Marjory – OH0566
Interview Date: 1991

People: Marjory Phillips.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder County Courthouse fire; business enterprises; disasters, Pearl Street.  

Ritzen, Robert (Bob) – oh1998
Interview Date: October 2, 2014

Bob Ritzen, the chaplain for Frasier Meadows Retirement Community, describes the severe flooding experienced by Frasier Meadows during the Boulder County Flood of 2013 and the collaborative efforts of staff and residents to evacuate, care for, and resettle the many … Continue reading

Rivers, Cathy – OH1951
Interview Date: April 2, 2014

Cathy Rivers moved to Lyons in April, 1998. She is an artist and owns her business called Rivers Colorworks and Design. She is a community-minded person that has contributed her talents to Lyons. After being displaced during the flood of … Continue reading

Schoedinger, Tara – OH1944
Interview Date: October 20, 2013

Tara Schoedinger, mayor of Jamestown, describes the flooding of the town during the September 2013 floods and the community’s efforts at recovery. This interview was recorded less than a month after the catastrophic flooding, which destroyed many houses and roads … Continue reading

Search & Rescue Teams – OH1911
Interview Date: October 30, 2013

This recording contains interviews with Jennifer Bevan and Robert Conrad from Utah Task Force 1 search and rescue team and Niko King, who works with an Incident Support Team. Rescue Squad Officer Jen Bevan talks about what they are trained … Continue reading

Sturgeon, Larry – OH1952
Interview Date: April 4, 2014

Larry Sturgeon discusses his work in conducting housing inspections after the Boulder flood of September 2013. He discusses a range of subjects including the declaration of a federal disaster, the role of FEMA in nationally declared disasters, and the elements … Continue reading

Sutherland, David – OH1938
Interview Date: March 13, 2014

Dave Sutherland, interpretive naturalist with Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks, shares his experience of and insights into the September 2013 flood. He describes how the flood affected him and his home and how various parts of the city and … Continue reading

Trevino, Arthur – OH1953
Interview Date: April 5, 2014

Arthur Trevino describes the damage to his rental home in Longmont, caused by the Boulder County Flood of 2013.  Art’s experience was complicated by several factors: he had moved to Boulder only four months before the flood; during the most … Continue reading

Utterback, Mitch and Ault, Robert – OH1970
Interview Date: 14 June 2014

This interview has two narrators: Lt. Col. Mitch Utterback from the Colorado National Guard and Col. Robert Ault, U.S. Army. Utterback is the liaison to all civil authorities in Colorado, especially during a disaster. The National Guard provided aerial and … Continue reading

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