Collection: Gold Hill

Sand, John A. III – OH1661
Interview Date: 2010

A Gold Hill resident for fifteen years and President of the Gold Hill Club, John Sand relates his experiences in the the Gold Hill community as well as discussing the history of Gold Hill. He focuses on what makes Gold … Continue reading

Smith, Irene – OH0261
Interview Date: 1985

Supplemental material available in OH file.    

Smith, Joe – OH0032
Interview Date: 1977

People: Joe Smith.   Places: Gold Hill, Nederland, Salina, Boulder.   Subjects: Mine in Gold Hill; stone quarry; Gordon Gulch; Nederland; tungsten; Valmont Power Plant; the Depression; Grand Republic Mine near Salina; Conger Mine; county comissioner; growth in Boulder; mining … Continue reading

Stepanek, Joseph E. – OH1474
Interview Date: 2007

Accusation by U.S. government of disloyalty during the McCarthy years. China (Chinese revolution, living in and escaping from China during the revolution, industrial development work in China). Gold Hill and surrounding area (early history, Gold Hill in the 1930s and … Continue reading

Vanderpool, Marie – OH0439
Interview Date: 1970

People: Marie Vanderpool, Tim Walters.   Places: Golden, Gold Hill.   Subjects:¬† Golden; Gold Hill; Bluebird Cottage.    

Walker, Norma and Gail Walker Grissom – OH0612
Interview Date: 1992

People: Gilbert Shirley “Coach” Walker, Velma Walker, Mike Walker, Lynn Walker, Ann Yeager, Molly Malloy, Cela Lee   Places: Gold Hill, Sunshine Canyon, Boulder   Subjects: Trojan Ranch(summer camp for children), cooking, bears, building up and maintaining the ranch; M&M … Continue reading

Walter, Albert “Bud” – OH0543
Interview Date: 1991

People: Albert “Bud” Walter. Places: Gold Hill. Subjects: miners, Walter Stage Line, school, Blue Birds, arrowheads, phones, Gold Hill¬† Inn (built 1927).  

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