Collection: Industrial Mine Camp

Acklin, Denzil – OH1098
Interview Date: 2002

People: Jennie Acklin Crawford, Violet Gardner, Dave Kerr, George Kupfner   Places: Superior, Industrial Mining Camp   Topics: Industrial Mining Camp, houses, boarding house, Morell farmhouse and barn, diagram showing layout of camp, fence built during mine strikes, 1938 flood … Continue reading

Acklin, Denzil and Jennie Acklin Crawford – OH1085
Interview Date: 2002

Denzil Acklin and his older sister Genevieve (Genny) Acklin Crawford grew up in the Industrial Mine camp in Superior, Colorado. Their father was a coal miner. They relate their experiences in this milieu, referring particularly to school, fun, family activities, … Continue reading

Autrey, Bill – OH1109
Interview Date: 2002

People: Fred Autrey, Zelda Hake Autrey, Emmeline Hake, Charles Autrey, James Sterling Autrey, Count Henry AutrĂ©, Bertha Frances Prince Autrey, Elmer Autrey   Places: Original Town Superior, Industrial Mining Camp, Lafayette   Topics: Rocky Mountain Fuel Company company store, Hake … Continue reading

Crawford, Sara Genevieve Acklin – OH0772
Interview Date: 1995

Jennie Acklin Crawford came to Superior as a seven year old with her family, her father a miner in the Industrial Mine. They moved into a small house in the Industrial Mine camp and she recounts the story of how … Continue reading

Jim Luxner – OH1083
Interview Date: 2002

James Luxner lived in the Industrial Mining Camp and in Superior during his childhood. His father and grandfather were miners in Colorado; his father working in the Industrial Mine until it closed in 1945. James talks about his life as … Continue reading

Kerr, Thomas – OH0017
Interview Date: 1978

:In this interview, Thomas Kerr, who with his father, uncles and brothers has been involved with the Industrial Mine since before 1909, talks about the life of a coal miner from his personal recollections and what he remembered being told … Continue reading

Machin, Marge and Ted T. Asti – OH1097
Interview Date: 2002

People: Josephine Roche   Places: Superior   Topics: Childhood in Superior, recreational activities, father’s death in coal mine, transportation, raising children, Mother’s Club, changes in Superior, traffic, stores, United Mine Workers, Rocky Mountain Fuel Company, mine company houses, mine company … Continue reading

Morgan, Robert – OH1081
Interview Date: 2002

People: Laverne Roach   Places: Superior, Industrial Mine Camp, Industrial Mine   Topics: coal mining, mining wages (1931-1945), mining conditions, mining job descriptions, rescue group, Mine Workers Union, Black Lung disease, Industrial Mine Camp, mining camp homes, mining camp children’s … Continue reading

Morrison, Alice Le Comte – OH1077
Interview Date: 2002

People: Morrison family, Le Comte family (also spelled LaComte, Lacomte, and LeComte)   Places: Superior, Industrial Mine Camp, Louisville   Topics: farm life in Superior area in 1920s and 1930s, school days in Superior (1925-1937), life in the Industrial Mine … Continue reading

Morrison, Herbert and Mary Belle – OH1080
Interview Date: 2002

People: Morrison family, Brundage family Places: Superior, Industrial Mine, Industrial Mine Shop Topics: Morrison family history, Brundage family history, Industrial Mine (timbermen, joy loader, pulley house, tipple, pay, mining camp buildings, founding of mine), Superior school (buildings, classes, teachers, specific … Continue reading

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