Collection: Jewish Community in Boulder

Bat Shalom, Eve – OH1324
Interview Date: 2005

Places: Boulder   Topics: life as a Jewish child in Germany in the 1930s during the rise of the Nazis, immigration to the United States in 1939, early immigrant years in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, marriage and children, move to Boulder … Continue reading

Bernheimer, Kathryn – OH1673
Interview Date: 2010

Kathryn Bernheimer discusses her work with Boulder Action for Soview Jewry, including work on the board of directors, being a mentor for an immigrant family, and her role in creating fundraisers for the organization. She talks about not only the … Continue reading

Boulder Jewish Community Center Preschool – OH2033
Interview Date: 25 February 2016

Four “founding mothers” talk about the creation and growth of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) Preschool, including the sense of community that it engenders among students and parents alike, the way it builds knowledge and pride in children about their … Continue reading

Cohen, Rose Lubin – OH0305
Interview Date: 1976

People: Rose Lubin Cohen.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Orthodox Jewish home: customs, holidays; discussion of today’s values.  

Cohen, William M. – OH0594
Interview Date: 1992

DESCRIPTION William Cohen, born in New York City in 1940, is a retired attorney, law professor, and one of the founders of a non-profit agency, Boulder Action for Soviet Jewry (BASJ). In this interview, recorded in 1992, Cohen describes his … Continue reading

Fischer, Laura S. – OH1812
Interview Date: 2012

Laura Fischer moved to Boulder in 1959, a time when the Jewish community in Boulder was very small. She tells about the growth of the community since that time, including describing Jewish institutions in Boulder such as Hillel, the Boulder … Continue reading

Gallon, Zhenya – OH1761
Interview Date: 2011

Zhenya Gallon, a science editor and writer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, moved to Boulder more than thirty years ago. In this interview she describes her early spiritual life on the East Coast in terms of her family’s … Continue reading

Goldberg, Harry – OH0546
Interview Date: 1990

People: Harry Goldberg.   Places: Boulder, Salina.   Topics: Pearl Street, G.A. Hall Feed Store, Hygienic Ice and Coal Company, Jewish community, scrap metal business, cattle.  

Goldberg, Stanley M. – OH 1851
Interview Date: June 14, 2013

Stanley Goldberg talks about his life in Boulder as a secular Jew. He deescribes what life was like as one of only a few Jewish families in Boulder during the 1950s, his eventual membership in both the Boulder Jewish Fellowship … Continue reading

Kauvar, Herbert – OH1813
Interview Date: 2012

Herb Kauvar begins by describing his childhood in Geneva, Ohio, and what brought him to Boulder, Colorado. He was instrumental in starting the first Jewish Sunday school at Hillel in order to provide a Jewish education for his children, and … Continue reading

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