Collection: KGNU

This collection of interviews documents the history and workings of local public radio station KGNU.

Barron, Len – OH 1890
Interview Date: September 6, 2013

Len Barron talks about his life, beginning with his childhood during the Depression and World War II years in Chelsea, Massachusetts, followed by his move to Boulder, Colorado, 50 years prior to this interview. He speaks about how he learned … Continue reading

Beer, Henry – OH 1840
Interview Date: 2011

Henry Beer, co-founder of Communication Arts, a design firm known for its design of the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, discusses art in the public realm and its value to culture and society. He talks about the differences between … Continue reading

Bell, Michael – oh2000
Interview Date: October 9, 2014

Michael Bell originated an American folk music program at KGNU. In this interview, he explains how he became interested in folk music and in radio. During his college career at Harvard, he studied the history of the English language, which … Continue reading

Durlin, Marty – OH1235
Interview Date: 2004

People: Steve Arrowsmith   Places: Boulder   Topics: community radio/public radio (history, financing), KGNU (history, programming, funding, values and politics, citizen participation, management, location of studios, bequest, video of program guide covers, planned expansion into Denver), media consolidation.    

Edelstein, Joel – oh2015
Interview Date: March 18, 2015

Joel Edelstein describes his long involvement with radio station KGNU—as a volunteer producer, the station’s news director, and as a member and then chair of the board of directors. He talks about the evolution of the station from 1979 on, … Continue reading

Elliot, Stephan K. – OH1804
Interview Date: 2012

Steve Elliot was the catalyst in getting the KGNU radio station started. He describes its beginnings as a Community Free School class in 1972 and the travails of acquiring equipment, getting an FCC license, and the other organizational work that … Continue reading

Martindale, Kathleen – OH1908
Interview Date:

Kathleen Martindale, a long-time volunteer at KGNU, talks about her path to Boulder from Harlem, New York, via Kansas City Art Institute and Pratt Institute, where she studied industrial design. She talks about her early exposure to art, music, and … Continue reading

McIntosh, David – OH 1826
Interview Date: December 15, 2012

David McIntosh has been involved with radio station KGNU from its early days, starting in April of 1977. He details the history of the radio station, including its formation, growth, governance, and challenges. He discusses the station’s approach to programming … Continue reading

Schlender, Shelly D. – OH1263
Interview Date: 2004

People: Walter Schlender, Amory Schlender, Greg Schlender, Ron Rosedale, Aileen Fisher   Places: Boulder   Topics: nutrition, especially higher fat, lower carbohydrate diets, nutrition group at Family Learning Center in San Juan del Centro, KGNU and radio journalism, print journalism, … Continue reading

Selby, Carla – OH1811
Interview Date: 2012

In this interview Carla Selby recalls the beginnings of radio station KGNU, starting with a Boulder Free School class organized by Steve Elliot in 1973, through its actual inception as a station on the air five years later. Carla talks … Continue reading

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