Collection: League of Women Voters of Boulder County

Rowe, Gail C. – OH1705
Interview Date: 2011

Gail Rowe has been a League of Women Voters member in both Lexington, Kentucky, and in Boulder. She describes the many contributions of the League in the areas of public education, skill-and-confidence-building for women, and as an entryway for women … Continue reading

Stoecker, Leona P. – OH1735
Interview Date: 2011

Former mayor of Longmont, Leona Stoecker, discusses her extensive history of public service, as well as the important role that the League of Women Voters played in her growth as a community advocate. Other community involvement that is touched upon … Continue reading

Wegley, Lynne – OH1710
Interview Date: 2011

Lynne Wegley was the president of the League of Women Voter of Boulder County at the time of this interview, as well as having been president of the organization from 1989-1991. She speaks about the dual missions of the League, … Continue reading

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