Collection: Mountain Towns

Wild, Ina Gerry – OH0559
Interview Date: 1991

People: Ina Wild.   Places:  Lyons, Ward.   Subjects: Brunswick Hotel in Lyons, Ward School, children’s plays, games, natural disasters, earthquake in Lyons  

Will McPhee – OH0021
Interview Date: 1977

People: Will McPhee.   Places: Allenspark.   Subjects: lumbering; railroads; alcoholism; the Depression.

Williams, Roger – OH0180
Interview Date: 1977

Housing in mining camps, school in Gold Hill, Tungsten, shooting squirrels and ground hogs, ground venison, Silverton, Nederland, Caribou, mining contests, methods used in mining.    

Williamson, Mary, with Carl Lang and Julia Delier – OH0395
Interview Date: 1988

People: Mary Burton Williamson, Julia Delier, Carl Lang.   Places: Marshall, Eldorado Springs, Boulder.   Topics: boarding house at Fox Mine, mines closing; moonshine; store, anecdotes, Community Hospital.  

Winchester, Elinor – OH0617
Interview Date: 1992

Places: Boulder, Switzerland Park.   Topics: Boulder schools, Boulder Philharmonic, Boulder Civic Opera, shopping before Crossroads Mall, polio, First Presbyterian Church.  

Wolcott, Jewel M. and Roland – OH0609
Interview Date: 1992

People: Wolcott family, Dr. Mauer.   Places: Boulder, Ward.   Topics: downtown Boulder businesses, doctors’ offices, few restaurants, war work for women during World War II, living in Boulder Canyon starting in 1944, keeping house with no running water, self-esteem … Continue reading

Wolcott, Roland H. – OH1478
Interview Date: 2001-2007 (exact year unknown)

905 Marine Street Early cars owned by the Wolcott family. Family outings in Boulder and Boulder Foothills during childhood (picnics, hiking, camping). Traveling from Ward to Boulder in early 20th century. Valmont (houses and farms in, and Native Americans). Wolcott … Continue reading

Yates, Betty E. – OH0405
Interview Date: 1988

People: Betty E. Yates, Conda family, Rosser family.   Places: Marshall,  Nederland, Sugarloaf, Boulder, Caribou.   Topics: coal mines, schoolhouse, Columbia Mine; tungsten mines, stores, home; Mount Saint Gertrude, Masonic Temple, Eastern Star Chapter, vandalism, Meals on Wheels.  

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