Collection: Mountain Towns

Church, Alice – OH0672
Interview Date: 1992

People: Alice Church, Jay M. Church, Maud Church Hutchinson.   Places: Boulder, Eldora, Sunshine.   Subjects: Freight wagons and freighting; stage to Eldora; Eldora Mine; Parker Merrill’s second hand store; Boulder Falls picnics; living in tents; dances. CREATOR

Clark, Frances L. – OH0317
Interview Date: 1986

People: “Old Bell”   Places:  Glendale, Sugarloaf, Sunset, Ward.   Topics: forest fires; hippies; train accident between Sugarloaf and Sunset.    

Collins, Will – OH0011
Interview Date: 1978

People: Will Collins.   Places: Boulder, Estes Park.   Subjects: Artist, library, Boulder in late 1940s and 1950s, Yocom Studio, Estes Park.

Craig, Elna – OH0231
Interview Date: 1976

People: Elna Craig.   Places: Sugarloaf.   Subjects: Sugarloaf history: social and mining history, 1900-1945. Recorded for the History of Sugarloaf Project, which was funded by a grant from the Colorado Humanities Program in 1977.  

Craig, Willa – OH0143
Interview Date: 1977

Places:  Bridger Valley (WY), Tungsten (CO)   Topics:  Early life in Bridger Valley (Wyoming); housing in Tungsten, entertainment, worries of wives, delivering babies.  

Demmon, Elizabeth (Dee) Graham – OH0403
Interview Date: 1988

People: Elizabeth(Dee) Graham Demmon, Susie Lovelace, Scott Carpenter.   Places: Boulder,  Magnolia.   Topics: Graham Furniture Company, Sanitarium, tuberculosis, 1918 influenza, icebox, porches, housework, Interurban railroad, Mapleton School: army camp, North Side Junior High School, CCC camps.  

Demmon, Irvin – OH0404
Interview Date: 1988

People: Irvin Demmon.   Places: Boulder, Salina, Gold Hill.   Topics: Born in Salina; Whittier School, University of Colorado; sledding, fishing, ice skating, circus, CU Buffs, Hygienic swimming pool, projectionist at Chautauqua, Magnolia School; schools: University Hill, Casey, Washington, Central, … Continue reading

Demmon, Irvin and Elizabeth (Dee) Graham – OH0541
Interview Date: 1991

People: Irvin Demmon, Elizabeth(Dee) Graham Demmon, William Arthur, James Hector, John Thompson, Helen Webb, Bolton family, White family.   Places: Boulder, Magnolia (Colo.), Salina (Colo.)   Subjects: Schools: Magnolia School — Fairview High School — White Rock School.  

Distel, Eva Cseh – OH0471
Interview Date: 1989

People: Annie D. Morris, Gabor Cseh, J. Fred Brown, George Sweeney, Tel Ertl, Andrew Daly. Places: Eldora, Nederland. Subjects: Eldora ski area: development of area.  

Donahue, Paul “Bear” – OH0729
Interview Date: 1992

People: Paul Donahue.   Places: Ward.   Subjects: hippies, STP gang, Vietnam experiences.  

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