Collection: Mountain Towns

Dunnagan, Helen D. – OH0848
Interview Date: 1996

People: Helen D. Dunnagan.   Places: Eldora. Boulder.   Subjects: Eldora, 1956 to present: Gold Miner Hotel as family residence, daily life.  

Durning, Mabel Downer – OH0210
Interview Date: 1974

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. history of Allenspark read from the book “Historical Reminiscing about Allenspark” compiled by Mabel Durning.    

Durning, Mabel Downer – OH0211
Interview Date: 1974

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. Allenspark area; mountain summers; 1870s-1980s.      

Edgerton, Wanda – OH0150
Interview Date: 1978

Places: Tungsten; Jamestown; Nederland. Topics:  Life in mountain towns in the twentieth century.    

Eilender, Edie – OH1663
Interview Date: 2010

A Gold Hill resident and former Gold Hill schoolteacher, Edie Eilender is the vice-chair of Historic Gold Hill. In this interview she explains what it was like to teach in the Gold Hill School, beginning in 1963. She delves into … Continue reading

Ertl, Theo – OH0470
Interview Date: 1989

People: Theo Ertl, Sweeney family, Joe Fox.   Places: Eldora.   Subjects: Eldora ski area: snow making, White Rocks, cold storage,    

Faivre, Hazel – OH0151
Interview Date: 1977

People: Hazel Faivre.   Places: Boulder, Jamestown.   Subjects: Ranching near Boulder; Jamestown; Left Hand Canyon; childhood; Altona School.  

Faye, Oscar with Ernie Ross – OH0228
Interview Date: 1976

People: Oscar Faye, Ernie Ross.   Places: Sugarloaf.   Subjects: history: social and mining history, 1900-1945. Recorded for the History of Sugarloaf Project, which was funded by a grant from the Colorado Humanities Program in 1977.  

Fernie, Robert W. – OH0453
Interview Date: 1989

People: George Sager, Mr. McNally, Carlin brothers, Everett Long, Mr. Dolly, Mr. & Nellie Washburn, Ernie Ross, Ernie Betasso, Sam Craig, John Cochlin, Ms. Puddeyfoot.   Places: Switzerland Park, Loveland, Boulder Falls, Mont Alto, Glacier Lake, Silver Lake, Sugarloaf, Lakewood.   Topics: History, cars, … Continue reading

Firkins, Hope Tanner – OH0425
Interview Date: 1989

People: Hope Tanner Firkins.   Places: Nederland, Boulder.   Subjects: school, road to Boulder, Christmas; Spruce Realty, Legacy Realty.  

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