Collection: Niwot

Arbuthnot, Wayne – OH0412
Interview Date: 1988

People: Wayne Arbuthnot, August Behrmann, Peter Haldi, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Niwot.   Subjects: family, Batchelder and Bader schools, Table Mountain Ditch, Affolter cabin, Likens Canyon, 1913 snow storm, Indian anecdotes, Haystack Golf Course, J. D. Long Seed Company, cement silos.  

Atkins, Herbert – OH0792
Interview Date: 1993

People: George Slater, Harry Slater, Sam Harvey, Reverend Taylor, Bill Buchert, Jack Slater, John Nelson, the Newells, George Atkinson   Places: Niwot   Subjects: Niwot beet dump, Buchert’s store, lack of doctors in Niwot, Herb’s mother Evelyn assisted in many … Continue reading

Behrmann, August – OH0388
Interview Date: 1988

People: August Behrmann, Chief Niwot.   Places: Niwot/Altona, Boulder, Long’s Peak, Table Mountain, Brunning Grove.   Topics: 1894 flood, Bader School, dairy, hay delivery, Weisenhorn Brewery, tractors, Model T Ford automobiles, Interurban Railroad, fishing, 4th of July, hunting, blacksmiths, cutting ice, … Continue reading

Bolton, Allen and Ena – OH0529
Interview Date: 1990

People: Allen Bolton, Ena Bolton, Missouri Annie, Stationmaster Wilson.   Places: Niwot, Eldora, Hessie.   Subjects: Niwot: farm, 1913 snow, Stationmaster Wilson, heating, stores, Windsor Farm Dairy, Grange Hall, alfalfa mill fire, bank robbery, school pranks, Depression; illnesses: home remedies; Eldora: stores, contests, Missouri Annie, … Continue reading

Conilogue, Clarence – OH0370
Interview Date: 1987

People: Clarence Conilogue.   Places: Boulder, Altona, Niwot.   Topics: 91 years old; mail delivery; dances; fiddler; Altona and Niwot Grange.  

Cushman, Amy – OH0436
Interview Date: 1989

Places: Niwot.   Topics: Born Niwot: alfalfa mills, Indians, Dawson Lake, Highland Ditch, Dunkards (Church of the Brethren), Ryssby, musicians, Grange, school, merchants, 1913 snow storm, Odd Fellows, Hotel, 4th of July, Christmas, cattle drives, Great Depression, sugar beets, Gypsies. … Continue reading

Dick Hicks, Mike Holubec and Red Southern – OH1277
Interview Date: 2004

People: Jack Murphy (County Commissioner), Peter Dominick (Colorado State Senator), Sylvia and Earl Knaus, Bill Heffington — Places: Niwot (Colorado)   Topics: history of Niwot’s volunteer fire department (training of volunteers, medical rescue duties, building the first firehouse, fighting various … Continue reading

Forsythe, Lee and Don Spangler – OH0949
Interview Date: 1999

People: Walt and George Atkinson, J.J. Beasley family   Places: Niwot   Subjects: Niwot (blacksmiths, flour mills, grocery stores, depot, Buchert’s store, growth and development), ditches (North Boulder Farmers Ditch, Boulder & Left Hand Ditch, Holland Ditch, ditch rider responsibilities, … Continue reading

Gould, Evan – OH0362
Interview Date: 1987

People: Evan Gould, Sylvanus Budd, Dave Likens.   Places: Niwot, Boulder.   Topics: school, stores, Beasley School and community; dances; ditches; Halloween; chivarees; funerals; draft horses; sugar beets; farm laborers; Mexican graves; stage route; Bill Dubois’s gunfight with forty vigilantes in … Continue reading

Gould, Evan – OH0788
Interview Date: 1987

People: Alva Dodd, Porter Hinman   Places: Niwot   Topics: Niwot Cemetery, Holland Ditch, Left Hand Ditch, Left Hand Water Supply Company, farming with horses, care of harness, background of Niwot cemetery, unmarked graves in northeast corner, original homestead holdings … Continue reading

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