Collection: Niwot

Hicks, Ann – OH1217
Interview Date: 2004

People: Earl and Sylvia Knaus, Dick Hicks, Kent and Bob Bowron, Judy Wainer, Tony Ochoa   Places: Niwot   Subjects: Niwot volunteer fire department, Nostalgia Days, businesses in 1960s and 1970s (Bar & Grill, Tony Ochoa’s, gas stations, Whistlestop, Cottonwood … Continue reading

Jones, Doyle with LuVesta Erickson Jones – OH0790
Interview Date: 1993

Places: Niwot   People: Bill Buchert, Reverend Taylor   Subjects: early businesses in Niwot on both sides of railroad tracks, transporting milk from farm to dairy, Niwot Military Band, Niwot baseball team, hobos and gypsies in area, early barn dances … Continue reading

Knaus, Carl and Isabel Snyder, Inez Dodd Johnson, and John Dodd – OH0018
Interview Date: 1978

People: Carl Knaus, Isabel Knaus, Inez Johnson, John Dodd.   Places: Niwot.   Subjects: Pioneer families, people buried in cemetery, school, churches, chivaree, Depression.

McDonald, Ruth Dodd withGlenn McDonald – OH0382
Interview Date: 1988

People: Ruth Dodd McDonald, Glenn McDonald, Dodd and Gould families.   Places: Niwot.   Topics: Indians, schools, picnics, Great Depression, chivaree, transportation, 1913 blizzard.  

Morton, Howard – OH0379
Interview Date: 1988

People: Howard Morton.   Places: Gunbarrel Hill, Niwot.   Topics: history of family; 1913 blizzard, plowing sod; Beasley School; threshing; cook car; 1929 stock market crash; Great Depression; dust bowl; roads.  

Nicholson, Alberta Myers – OH0418
Interview Date: 1988

People: Alberta Myers Nicholson, Jim Nicholson.   Places: Boulder, Hygiene, Niwot, Pella, Mayne.   Subjects: Boulder: Hagman House, Washington School, the Broadway Grocery, Arlington Hotel, Hartman’s Grocery, State Preparatory School, post office — Hygiene: Hogsett Grocery, Odd Fellows, Rebeccas, Church … Continue reading

Poor, George W. – OH0496
Interview Date: 1990

People: George W. Poor.   Places: Niwot, Blackhawk, Loomis.   Subjects: Oil fields west of Niwot to foothills, geology of area, gas, town of Loomis, “Downer” beet I500ump, McKenzie #1, Big Liz, Fort Worth Spudder homestead, 1913 snow storm, Pleasant … Continue reading

Spangler, Don – OH0939
Interview Date: 1998

People: George Atkinson, Doyle Hornbaker, Frank Hornbaker, H.H. Hornbaker, Newton Spangler, Reverend William Taylor   Places: Niwot (Colorado)   Subjects: Niwot Tribune, business district in 1940s and 1950s, Colorado & Southern Railroad through Niwot, train schedules, depot, train accidents on … Continue reading

Tilbury, Naomi Whaley – OH0789
Interview Date: 1992

Places: Niwot   People: Ernest and Rosella Wilcox Whaley (her parents)   Subjects: Niwot Cemetery, brief discussion of Naomi’s family history, original records for Niwot cemetery, burials there, recent vandalism, unmarked graves in northeast corner.  

Trumble, Ed – OH0748
Interview Date: 1995

Supplemental material available in OH file. Lyons, Louisville, Niwot, University of Colorado, Gunbarrel, Boulder, Leanin’ Tree greeting card company and museum.    

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