Collection: Open Space

Bartlett, Albert A. – OH0551
Interview Date: 1991

Narrator talks about his experience working at Los Alamos during World War II (1944-1946). Much of the interview covers aspects of Boulder planning, land use, and transportation. See Subjects for thorough listing of topics discussed.

Bartlett, Albert A. – OH0654
Interview Date: 1994

Professorship in physics Department at C.U. from 1950’s to 1994: building occupied, faculty; student protests on C.U. campus against the war in Vietnam; uranium deposits on the Western Slope, processing plant at the mouth of Boulder Canyon; formation of the … Continue reading

Buxton, Robert A. – OH1807
Interview Date: 2012

Bob Buxton has worked as the grounds supervisor for Boulder County Parks and Open Space for 28 years. He discusses the way the department has changed in that time (for example, growing from fewer than 30 employees to more than … Continue reading

Crain, Jim Crain – OH0947
Interview Date: 1999

People: Maddie Dean, Dave Koonz, Van Vleet family, Don Walker, Dr. Bill Weber   Places: Boulder, Conda Quarry on Eldorado Mountain, Eldorado Springs, Jefferson County, White Rocks Open Space   Subjects: Open Space program in Boulder, financing, how money can … Continue reading

Foley, Mary Jane – OH1338
Interview Date: 2005

People: W. W. Degge, Peter Leyner   Places: Boulder, North Boulder   Subjects: area south of Baseline in the 1940s (Martin’s Farm which later became Martin Acres, hunting on Toedli’s Ranch), change in names of Boulder streets from numbered avenues … Continue reading

Gerstle, Kurt – OH0608
Interview Date: 1992

People: Paul Danish, Oakleigh Thorne, Al Bartlett, Ruth Wright, Quigg Newton, Minnie May Cunningham, Bob McKelvey, Max Peters, Dean Dyde of CU.   Places: Chautauqua, Enchanted Mesa, Mesa Trail.   Topics: work as professor of engineering at CU, exemplary ethics … Continue reading

Heil, Robert “Bud”, Velma, and Dale – OH1821
Interview Date: October 16 2012

Bud, Velma, and Dale Heil discuss the Heil Ranch—including its purchase by the family in 1949, its many uses over the years, the buildings that dot the ranch land, and the sale of much of the ranch to create Boulder … Continue reading

Kraft, Duane A. – OH1823
Interview Date: 2012

Duane Kraft grew up in the 1930s to 1950s in north Boulder. He learned hard rock mining techniques from his father and uncle as a child, then worked as a prospector and miner and also as a general contractor in … Continue reading

McKelvey, Bob – OH 1153
Interview Date: 2002

PLAN-Boulder County Greenbelt / Open Space Blue Line Enchanted Mesa Greenways within a city Open space ballot proposal of 2003 Conservation easements and land trusts as a way to obtain open space Life in Boulder during the 1950s and 1960s … Continue reading

Moser, Cliff – OH1306
Interview Date: 2005

Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder in the 1950s, Martin Acres subdivision (construction, cost of houses, residents), Boulder-Denver Toll Road (Turnpike), annual statewide marching band contest in Boulder, work with the Colorado Fish and Game Department, comments on Boulder Open Space … Continue reading

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