Collection: City Planning in Boulder

This collection consists of interviews conducted with the heads of the City Planning Department in Boulder. Most of the interviews were conducted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of city planning in the city.

Assefa, Sam and Driskell, David – OH1958
Interview Date: May 24, 2012

David Driskell and Sam Assefa, of the Boulder City Planning and Development Services Department, talk about the planning process that was just getting underway at the time of this interview to inform the creation of a revamped center of civic … Continue reading

Bartlett, Al with Kurt Gerstle and Ruth Wright – OH1092
Interview Date: 2002

People: Florence Sibert, Bob McKelvey, Janet Roberts, Jim Bowers, Ted Tedesco, Bob Knecht, Dwayne Miller, Bill Lamont, Frank Havice, Steve Williams, Gary Lacey   Places: Boulder, Boulder County, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville   Topics: PLAN-Boulder County, Blue Line Amendment, Colorado Mountain … Continue reading

Bowers, James M. – OH1058
Interview Date: 2002

People: Bob Turner, Bob Quinlan, Ted Tedesco   Places: Boulder   Topics: City of Boulder Planning Department in 1960s, commercial development, Crossroads Shopping Center, Pearl Street Mall, zoning, retail strip development, Board of Adjustment, Spokes of the Wheel concept of … Continue reading

Dietze, Peter C. – OH1445
Interview Date: 2006

Amusing anecdotes about being City Attorney. City of Boulder Open Space (condemnation of land for open space, funding of open space). City planning (spokes of the wheel concept, development of Pearl Street Mall). Expansion of Boulder’s north-south roads. Jobs as … Continue reading

Fleissig, Will – OH1046
Interview Date: 2001

Places: Boulder   Topics: zoning, affordable housing, need for it, specific affordable housing projects (Poplar Housing, Buena Vista, Drive-In Theater), mixed-use urban areas, Steel Yards Project, Crossroads Mall redevelopment, Pearl Street east and west of the pedestrian mall, North Boulder … Continue reading

Gawf, Ed – OH1045
Interview Date: 2001

People: Nolan Rosall, Susan Osborne, Gary Lacy, Paul Danish, Janet Roberts, Ruth Correll   Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder Planning Department from 1974 to 1991, annexations (North Boulder, Gunbarrel), flood control, Boulder High area, Floodway Ordinance, Solar Access Ordinance, Danish … Continue reading

Gray, Frank – OH1047
Interview Date: 2001

People: Rickie Weiser, Ruth Correll, Paul Danish, Janet Roberts, Sally Martin   Places: Boulder, Petaluma (California)   Topics: Boulder city planner (1978-1981), Danish Plan for growth management, 1978 Crossroads Redevelopment Plan, City of Boulder-University of Colorado relations, city planning issues … Continue reading

Havlick, Spence – OH0814
Interview Date: 1996

In this interview, recorded in 1996, Spenser W. Havlick talks about how he has been involved in Boulder’s city planning since the 1970s. Both as a member of Boulder’s City Council and as a professor in Architecture and Planning at … Continue reading

Lamont, William – OH1055
Interview Date: 2001

People: Trafton Bean, Jim Bowers, Ted Tedesco, Bob Knecht, Ted Fuller   Places: Boulder, Boulder County, Gunbarrel   Topics: Directing the Boulder Planning Department, 1967-1974, zoning, subdivisions, PUDs (Planned Unit Developments), landscaping, sign ordinance, flowers, low-income housing, Greenbelt Program (Open … Continue reading

Rosall, Nolan – OH1043
Interview Date: 2001

People: Bob Westdyke, Archie Twitchell   Places: Boulder   Topics: urban renewal of downtown Boulder, pedestrian mall, Goss/Grove neighborhood, zoning changes, bike/pedestrian path, removal of train tracks, growth management, Robinson decision (court case), Comprehensive Plan, Danish Plan, 1-2-3 planning concept, … Continue reading

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