Collection: Post-WWII housing

This collection includes interviews about post-WWII subdivision housing built in Boulder.

Mitchell, Dorreen M. – OH1563
Interview Date: 2009

Dorreen Mitchell moved to the then-new Martin Acres subdivision in 1953 or 1954, and has lived there ever since. In this interview she talks about Boulder during the post-WWII years, life in Martin Acres during the time when it was … Continue reading

Reed, Barbara – OH1583
Interview Date: 2009

Barbara Reed, who has lived in Boulder since her childhood in the 1930s, describes some of the places in Boulder where she has lived, including on Columbine Avenue, Eight-Mile Corner, and Grant Place. She then focuses on the Becker Subdivision … Continue reading

Shreve, Dale – OH1566
Interview Date: 2009

Dale Shreve is one of the planners and architects who was involved in designing the layout of houses in the Table Mesa subdivision in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In addition, he has lived in the neighborhood for the … Continue reading

Suitts, Bill – OH1293
Interview Date: 2005

People: George and Everett Williams, John and Randy Pitts, Allen Lefferdink, Elizabeth (Beth) Suitts   Places: Boulder, Louisville   Subjects: Colorado Mortgage Company, Centennial Valley development, Guardian Savings and Loan (in Denver), Martin Acres (development, cost of homes in 1955-56, … Continue reading

Viele, Albert and Frederick J. Klingler – OH0679
Interview Date: [undated]

People: Albert Viele, Frederick Klingler, Joe Ferguson, Mary Arnett, George Tourtellot, Dr. Hubbard, Billy Cook, Indian Jack, Johnny Carmack, Mack Smith, Robert Culver, Charles Dabney, Ben Williams, Jim Parker, Fred Berger, Ephraim Pound, G. I. Johnson.   Places: Boulder, Lover’s Hill, Barker Dam.   Subjects: … Continue reading

Yeager, Margaret M. (Kay) – OH0773
Interview Date: 1995

Boulder, Brooks Fauber store, NIST (National Bureau of Standards), dry days in Boulder, moving county lines, Chautauqua, hippies, hippie businesses today, library, Pearl Street, North Boulder, PEO Sisterhood, Fortnightly Club, Martin Acres, Mr. Yeager, Robert McFarland, Mary Rippon, Judge Martin, … Continue reading

Zook, Keith – OH0645
Interview Date: 1993

People: Francis Reich, Paddock family, Don Brotzman, Dick McLean.   Places: Boulder since 1953, Martin Acres.   Subjects: Toastmasters in Boulder, Reynolds & Brotzman law firm, Williams, Stevens & Taussig law firm, Zook, Locke & Woolf law firm, Boulder County Bar … Continue reading

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