Collection: A Public Affair

This collection is an archive of radio programs originally broadcast on radio station KGNU’s program “A Public Affair.” The interviews were conducted by Richard Kiefer.

Forster, Nick – oh1905
Interview Date: 2012

Nick Forster, founder and host of the radio show eTown, talks about the program, which is produced in Boulder and broadcast on many public radio shows. He discusses the history of eTown, including its inception; how it got its name; … Continue reading

Gerstle, George – OH1909
Interview Date: October 30, 2013

George Gerstle, the director of the Boulder County Transportation Department, discusses the condition of county roads as a result of the September 2013 floods. He identifies county roads and bridges that experienced significant damage and discusses the immediate and long-term … Continue reading

Head, Tim – oh1968
Interview Date: June 5, 2014

Tim Head describes the upcoming (at the time of the interview) events for Airport Day 2014 at the Boulder Municipal Airport. At this year’s event, in addition to the customary displays of airplanes and helicopters, there will be special recognition … Continue reading

Head, Tim – OH1983
Interview Date: July 25, 2014

Tim Head, manager of the Boulder Municipal Airport, relates the history of the Boulder Municipal Airport and explains the financing of the airport as a public-use airport and how it ties into the national system regulated by the FAA (Federal … Continue reading

Helicopter Rescue Pilots for the Flood of 2013 – OH1969
Interview Date: 14 June 2014

Interviewees include Tyler Smith, Eric Carlson, Steven Wheeler, and Robert Ault. In this radio program, U.S. Army personnel and crew members of Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters speak of their experience during the Boulder 2013 flood rescue mission during which they … Continue reading

Hunter, Shawn – OH 1936
Interview Date: 2012

Shawn Hunter, the CEO of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge stage race, discusses the event, which was in its second year at the time of this interview. He touches on the origin of the event, the national and international competitors, … Continue reading

Klein, Beth – OH1825
Interview Date: 2012

Beth Klein is an attorney who concentrates her work on helping people recover from physical or emotional injury. She has worked extensively to aid people who are victims of human trafficking, both labor trafficking and sex trafficking. She describes the … Continue reading

Pelle, Joe – OH1910
Interview Date: December 10, 2013

Joe Pelle talks about some of the events and issues that have presented challenges for the sheriff’s office recently and going in to the near future, including the Flood of 2013 and its aftermath, gun control laws, the use of … Continue reading

Pelle, Joseph K. – OH1837
Interview Date: 2012

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle gives an overview of services provided by his deparment in this interview that initially aired on radio station KGNU’s program “A Public Affair.” The interview focuses on the Boulder County jail, search and rescue services, … Continue reading

Search & Rescue Teams – OH1911
Interview Date: October 30, 2013

This recording contains interviews with Jennifer Bevan and Robert Conrad from Utah Task Force 1 search and rescue team and Niko King, who works with an Incident Support Team. Rescue Squad Officer Jen Bevan talks about what they are trained … Continue reading

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