Collection: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

The Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, which operated for about 50 years beginning in the early 1950s, manufactured the plutonium pit that is the explosive detonator of a hydrogen bomb. This collection examines the history of the plant from many points of view. It contains more than 150 interviews with workers, managers, regulators, protestors, and people in the surrounding community.

Brown, Janet E. – OH1427
Interview Date: 2000

People: Mark Udall Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: health problems among Rocky Flats workers, legislation to compensate nuclear weapons facility workers who have health problems, controversy over whether workers’ illnesses are caused by work exposures, beryllium, berylliosis, neurological … Continue reading

Calkins, Ken – OH1315
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bruce Owen Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics:  work at Rocky Flats from 1955 to 1989 (work as chemical engineer in plutonium processing, building superintendent of buildings 771 and 371), Rocky Flats compared to other chemical processing plants at … Continue reading

Campbell, Gail – OH0492
Interview Date: 1990

People: Gail Campbell, Gallaghers.   Places: Boulder,  Rocky Flats.   Subjects: Whittier, Casey Schools; CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps); traffic lights, courthouse and Flagstaff Mountain fires, oil wells.  

Card, Robert – OH1393
Interview Date: 2005

Robert Card discusses the cleanup of the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant and site from his perspective of having been the CEO of Kaiser-Hill, the contractor that reduced the cleanup from a planned seventy years and $37 billion to an … Continue reading

Cardenas, Alfonso L. – OH1212
Interview Date: 2004

People: Richard B. Stuart (Rocky Flats worker with berylliosis and asbestosis), Dr. Lee Newman of National Jewish Hospital. Places: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Subjects: work at Rocky Flats from 1957 to 1978, job as chemical operator at Rocky Flats, … Continue reading

Cash, John A. – OH0929
Interview Date: 1998

People: Dr. Carl Johnson, Jim and Pat Kelly   Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: machinist work at plant, 1969 fire, union activities at Rocky Flats, differences between contractors (Dow Chemical, Rockwell, EG&G), procedures for clean-up work, “Pro-Nuclear … Continue reading

Cobb, Jock – OH1180
Interview Date: 2003, 2004

People: Pat Kelly, Carl J. Johnson, Bruce DeBoskey Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: conscientious objector in World War II, Peace Action Committee of the American Friends Service Committee, Lamm Task Force on Rocky Flats, RFP IND-10 (report on … Continue reading

Cohen, Ronald R. – OH2031
Interview Date: December 4, 2015

Dr. Cohen is a professor in the Colorado School of Mines’ Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He contributed to the Rocky Flats Environmental Monitoring Council, presenting technical information to the group. In this interview, Cohen describes his involvement with … Continue reading

Cohen, William M. – OH1806
Interview Date: 2012

Bill Cohen discusses the Lamm-Wirth Task Force, which was established in 1974 by newly-elected politicians Governor Dick Lamm and Congressman Timothy Wirth to explore alleged dangers at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. Bill describes his role on the Task … Continue reading

Conder, Glenda Kay – OH1006
Interview Date: 2000

People: Dave Diffey, Jim Kelly (union leader), Pat Kelly (union leader)   Places: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant   Topics: accused of being drug addict, inappropriate hospitalization, union support for grievance procedure and arbitration, buy-out, reasons for taking, clean-up, contamination, … Continue reading

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