Collection: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

The Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, which operated for about 50 years beginning in the early 1950s, manufactured the plutonium pit that is the explosive detonator of a hydrogen bomb. This collection examines the history of the plant from many points of view. It contains more than 150 interviews with workers, managers, regulators, protestors, and people in the surrounding community.

Fasulo, Louis J. – OH1921
Interview Date: September 20, 2013

Lou Fasulo worked at Los Alamos for almost nine years beginning in 1943 and then was recruited to work at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in 1952 when the facility first opened up. He continued to work at Rocky … Continue reading

Felknor, Jerry E. – OH0952
Interview Date: 1999

People: Dr. Carl Johnson, Carol Minelli (Rocky Flats employee)   Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: organizational development, security, feeling of “community” at Rocky Flats, feeling about protests and protesters, FBI raid, Chronic Beryllium Disease, quality of people … Continue reading

Ferris, Larry R. – OH0925
Interview Date: 1998

Places: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapon Plant   Topics: photography at Rocky Flats, photography of 1969 fire, human resources under different contractors, strikes, morale under different contractors (Dow Chemical, Rockwell, EG&G), early retirements, lay-offs.    

Fox, Dick – OH1317
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: job as chief for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Section of the Colorado Health Department, Jefferson County Health Department monitoring of air pollution sources at Rocky Flats, work at Rocky Flats from 1989 to … Continue reading

Franchini, Richard C. – OH0909
Interview Date: 1997

People: Art Benjamin (supervisor at Rocky Flats), Bud Venable (scientist at Rocky Flats)   Places: Louisville (house in 1000 block of Front Street), Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: coal mining, Monarch mine explosion, Rocky Flats (handling of plutonium, … Continue reading

Freiberg, Kenneth J. – OH1700
Interview Date: 2011

Ken Freiberg discusses many aspects of his long and varied career at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, where he started in 1953 as a radiation monitor in Health Physics; then moved through other jobs that had increasing responsibilities, including … Continue reading

Frend John Miner – OH0957
Interview Date: 1999

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: analytical chemistry work at Rocky Flats, retirement activities including teaching, security at Rocky Flats, 1957 and 1969 fires, Dow Chemical Company compared with later contractors, feelings about protesters, safety at Rocky … Continue reading

Garcia, Shirley B. – OH1023
Interview Date: 2001

Places: Broomfield, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics women at Rocky Flats, experience as one of first female chemical operators, workers playing sexual jokes, sexual harassment, radiation contamination, chemical contamination, solar ponds, decontamination, defective dosimeter badge, work conditions, learning procedures, … Continue reading

Geis, Art – OH1318
Interview Date: 2005

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics:  work in plutonium metallurgy at Rocky Flats from 1983 to 1989, work at Rocky Flats after the FBI raid (process management group working toward restart of the plant, facility manager of Buildings 559 … Continue reading

Getman, Don – OH1297
Interview Date: 2005

People: Dee Krieg, Dom Sanchini, Art Benjamin   Places: Rocky Flats Cold War Museum   Topics: childhood years (living in a sod house, then on a farm, going to Fairview School, a one-room schoolhouse), work at Rocky Flats from 1961 … Continue reading

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