Collection: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

The Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, which operated for about 50 years beginning in the early 1950s, manufactured the plutonium pit that is the explosive detonator of a hydrogen bomb. This collection examines the history of the plant from many points of view. It contains more than 150 interviews with workers, managers, regulators, protestors, and people in the surrounding community.

Kelly, Jim – OH1504
Interview Date: 2000

This interview is a follow-up to a prior conversation recorded in 1998. Jim Kelly talks about current negotiations for benefits and compensation that would apply to retired or disabled Rocky Flats workers. He expresses concern over shoddy recordkeeping by plant … Continue reading

Kemper, Bill – OH1302
Interview Date: 2005

Bill Kemper discusses his work on the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission in light of his earlier work as a radiological safety monitor at the time of the Bikini Island atomic bomb tests. He and Jim Stone describe some of the … Continue reading

Klaver, Ellen Holly – OH1079
Interview Date: 2002

People: Ann Swift (activist leader at CU), Daniel Ellsberg, Roy Young   Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Subjects: 1978 protest at Rocky Flats Plant, non-violence training, civil disobedience, blocking of railroad tracks, arrests, trial and conviction, “lesser evils” … Continue reading

Kohler, Roman F. – OH1208
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: buildings at Rocky Flats (444, 881, 883), 1969 fire clean-up, secrecy at Rocky Flats, “Need to Know”, Q-clearance for work at Rocky Flats, job at Rocky Flats, working as manager in Building 883, … Continue reading

Korkia, Ken – OH1505
Interview Date: 1998

Ken Korkia started working as a technical assistant to the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission in 1990, and he was later hired as staff coordinator for the Rocky Flats Citizens Advisory Board. In this interview Korkia talks about developing a comprehensive … Continue reading

Kray, Edd – OH1319
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bob Nelson, Lt. Gov.¬†Gail Schoettler, Nick Pazzuto, Al Hazle Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: work for the Colorado Department of Health as onsite representative at Rocky Flats, description of Rocky Flats physical plant in 1992, decommissioning of … Continue reading

Krieg, Dee – OH1280
Interview Date: 2004

People: Admiral James D. Watkins Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: work at Rocky Flats beginning in 1952, manager of Transportation Department at Rocky Flats (importance of following regulations for safety in shipping and receiving, need for access to … Continue reading

Lamm, Dick – OH1395
Interview Date: 2005

People: Tim Wirth, Kelly brothers (Jim and Pat) Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: political background leading to becoming governor of Colorado, Project Rulison, placement of Rocky Flats close to and upwind from Denver, connection between opposition to Rocky … Continue reading

Litaor, Iggy – OH1205
Interview Date: 2004

People: Peter Folger, Bob Card, Carl Johnson, Professor Kirk Nordstrom Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: work as soil scientist for Rocky Flats(environmental assessment, migration of plutonium in soil, migration of actinides in soil, effect of wet weather, soil … Continue reading

Litaor, Iggy – OH1506
Interview Date: 1999

In 1990 Iggy Litaor was hired by contractor EG&G to characterize the “actinides” (radioactive elements) in the Rocky Flats soil environment. In this interview Iggy describes the circumstances under which he was hired, the nature of his research, the remarkable … Continue reading

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