Collection: Transportation

Croley, Bert – OH0468
Interview Date: 1989

People: Bert Croley, Tyler family. Places: Boulder, Valmont. Subjects: 9th Street and Hawthorn, hauling milk, dairies: Watts-Hardy, Alba; types of milk, Co-op, dairy trucks; University of Colorado, highway department, old roads, streetcar lines, Interurban, railroad lines, pollution; ice skating, sledding, … Continue reading

Darby, Edmund – OH0500
Interview Date: 1990

People: Edmund Darby, Anna J. Ewing Bittner, George P. Darby, Jenny Cranson Darby, Ted W.D. McCaslin, Jack Murphy, Thomas Peck, George W. Webster.   Places: Hygiene.   Subjects: Armstrong School, Culver School, Pella School, games. Malcolm Clark’s grocery. Cattle brands, blacksmith, … Continue reading

Dawson, Mildred Matilda Thayer and Dick Howard – OH0651
Interview Date: 1982

People: Mildred Dawson, Dick Dawson.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:  Boulder, 1940s – C.U. campus: dormitory life, dress codes, dogs, dances, married students, effects of World War II; The Hill and businesses; Coca-Cola in social life; Canyon Park Dance Hall. … Continue reading

Delier, Julia – OH0394
Interview Date: 1988

People: Julia Delier, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Marshall, Eldorado Springs, Superior.   Topics: Great Depression, Industrial Mine, Highway Mine, Interurban Railroad, 1938 flood, Marshall smelter, baseball, bar.  

Demmon, Elizabeth (Dee) Graham – OH0403
Interview Date: 1988

People: Elizabeth(Dee) Graham Demmon, Susie Lovelace, Scott Carpenter.   Places: Boulder,  Magnolia.   Topics: Graham Furniture Company, Sanitarium, tuberculosis, 1918 influenza, icebox, porches, housework, Interurban railroad, Mapleton School: army camp, North Side Junior High School, CCC camps.  

Enright, Lucile M. – OH0448
Interview Date: 1989

People: Allen Lefferdink, William Casey.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:Hospitals (Memorial and Community); Bluebirds; Boulder Country Club; Boulder Dance Club; KEG Club; Washington, North Side [Northside], Mapleton schools;  transportation; 1918 influenza; Hygienic Pool; Boulder-Denver Truck Company; Baseline Turkey Farm; Frasier … Continue reading

Ensz, Marguerite Treadway – OH0569
Interview Date: 1991

People: Marguerite Treadway Ensz. Places: Longmont, Boulder. Topics: Great West Sugar Factory, University of Colorado, commuter train (Interurban), family life, neighbors.  

Evans, Hannah – OH0051
Interview Date: 1972

People: Hannah Evans.   Places: Lafayette.   Subjects: Lafayette from 1895; 1910 strike; horse and buggy trips, electricity.  

Ewing, Vernon – OH0787
Interview Date: 1986

Places: Boulder   People: John Ewing family, William Davidson, Herman Lennartz, horseshoe champion Ted Allen, Alfred Oliphant, Nate & Grace Leggett, Anna Marie Bittner, George Baessler   Subjects: passenger train from Brighton to Boulder, household ice (Peterson Ice House, Lafayette, … Continue reading

Farrow, Elizabeth Wiest – OH0369
Interview Date: 1987

People: Elizabeth Wiest Farrow, Eben Fine, Grandma Thompson, Martin Parsons, Dr. Cattermole.   Places: Boulder.   Topics: baking; child care; Saturday night in Boulder; Pow Wow; Model T Ford; Boulder as a dry town; changes in Boulder: creek; jungle town; … Continue reading

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