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Crosslen, Jean – OH0251
Interview Date: 1985

Trip in covered wagon across mountains.    

Demmon, Elizabeth – OH0144
Interview Date: 1975

Places:  Boulder Topics:  Boulder 1920s-1930s; family and social life; education in Boulder.    

Evans, Myrtle – OH0308
Interview Date: 1976

People: Myrtle Evans.   Places: Pennsylvania, Florida, Boulder.   Subjects: iceboxes; coal stoves; new electric appliances; washing; raising children.  

Evenson, Vera H. – OH0918
Interview Date: 1998

People: Reece Fischer, Irene Gunn, Forrest Jones, Nancy and Paul Talme, Homer Tyrer, Leonard and Bea Wittemyer   Places: Sunshine (old town), Sunshine Canyon.    

Farrington, Dr. John – OH0711
Interview Date: 1995

People: Frank A. Boggess,  M. Scott Carpenter, Clyde Colwick, FitzHenry Farrington,  Paul Joyce Farrington, George Raymond Ray, Merle Lefferdink, Nevin Platt,  Ralph B. Potter, Frank Potts.   Places:  Boulder Topics:  Practice of medicine in Boulder, University Hill School, Army Reserve Training Program, soap box derby.

Ferraro, Alice Akre – OH0445
Interview Date: 1989

People: Alice Akre Ferraro.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Working at Boulder – Colorado Sanitarium — Nursing — Planned Parenthood, People’s Clinic, Jail Health Program, Boulder Community Hospital history — Seventh Day Adventist Church.  

Fowler, Mabel – OH0890
Interview Date: 1996

Places: Eldorado Springs   People: Ivy Baldwin.   Subjects: famous visitors, pools, wildlife;  

Friedman, Della – OH0157
Interview Date: 1976

People: Della Friedman.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder, 1908-1976.  

Frost, Betty – OH0961
Interview Date: 1999

Places: Boulder, Reading (Pennsylvania)   Topics: fashion, clothes during the Depression, clothes during WWII, changes in fashion, trend toward more casual clothes, cyclical nature of fashion, colors, fabrics, homemade clothes, washing clothes.    

Greeson, Mildred – OH0263
Interview Date: 1985

Teacher at Walker Ranch; life in Boulder.    

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