Collection: University of Colorado

Wining, Rachel M. – OH0800
Interview Date: 1995

People: Rae Wining, Penfield Tate.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Colorado Chautauqua Association: relations with city, programs, car bomb near Auditorium — Boulder Open Space — Mustard Seed Gallery — Boulder in 1928 — World War II: G.I. Bill, University … Continue reading

Wolcott, Jewel M. and Roland – OH0609
Interview Date: 1992

People: Wolcott family, Dr. Mauer.   Places: Boulder, Ward.   Topics: downtown Boulder businesses, doctors’ offices, few restaurants, war work for women during World War II, living in Boulder Canyon starting in 1944, keeping house with no running water, self-esteem … Continue reading

Wolf, Jim – OH1412
Interview Date: 2006

People: Arnold Weber, Marcelee Gralapp   Places: Boulder, Pinecliffe   Topics: education, experiences working in theater as a young adult, move to Boulder in 1968, Wolff’s subdivision, teaching history at the University of Colorado at Denver from 1968 to 1999, … Continue reading

Wolf, Nurit – OH1413
Interview Date: 2006

Places: Boulder   Topics: education, research with “caenorhabditis elegans” in the Microbiology Department of University of Colorado at Boulder, hiking club, photography, classical music, performance of a portion of Bach’s “Partita #6”. Includes 7 videographed photographs, taken by the interviewee, … Continue reading

Wood, Karl D. – OH0406
Interview Date: 1988

People: Karl D. Wood.   Places: Boulder.   Topics: Boulder since 1944; University of Colorado, aerospace, industrial contacts, Rotary Club, 1918 influenza, nutrition.  

Wood, Margaretta Duane – OH0358
Interview Date: 1987

People: Margaretta Wood, William Duane.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Dr. William Duane; a public hanging; home in Boulder; horseback riding; horseless carriage; contact with the Curie’s in Paris.  

Yearns, Ruth A. – OH0460
Interview Date: 1989

Places: Boulder.   Topics: Since 1957: St. Aidan’s, Home Hospitality Program at University of Colorado, Red Cross, University Women’s Club, Boulder Philharmonic.  

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