Collection: University of Colorado

Buchanan, John W. – OH0450
Interview Date: 1989

People: Ralph Crosman, Gayle Waldrop, Zell Mabee, Gov (A. A.) Paddock, Col (L. C.) Paddock, John Valentine Sr., Chuck and Lu Monroe, Bob Looney, Janet Lewis.   Places: Boulder,  Alton.   Subjects: University of Colorado: journalism, Silver & Gold, Daily … Continue reading

Carpenter, M. Helen – OH0793
Interview Date: 1990

People: Clifford Huston, Byron “Whizzer” White   Places: Boulder, southern Colorado   Subjects: CU, National Institutional Teacher Placement Association, Rocky Mountain College Placement Association, IBM, women’s lib, only woman working in a man’s world.  

Carpenter, M. Helen – OH0327
Interview Date: 1986

Supplemental material available in OH file. air raid warden; return of GI’s to CU; Sewall and Farrand Halls; Denver Turnpike; M & M Ranch; Gold Hill; 86 years old; Chautauqua; movies, “Bird Man”; restoration; CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps); restaurant; CMF; … Continue reading

Caughey, Judith Stearns – OH0864
Interview Date: 1996

People: Amy and Robert Stearns, Byron “Whizzer” White, Governor Pitkin, George Norlin, Jacob Van Eck, Eve Drewelowe, Muriel Sibell Wolle, Kenneth Wilson Caughey, Waldo Brockway   Places: Boulder, Aspen   Events: CU, President Robert Stearns’ daughter, Koenig (the president’s house), … Continue reading

Condon, Willa and Bill Condon – OH0323
Interview Date: 1986

People: Willa Condon, Bill Condon, Peter Housel, Wolcott and Condon family members.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Lived on Mapleton Avenue and Marine Street; Mapleton School (lists teachers); State Preparatory School; Burr’s Business College; Pi Phi Sorority at University of Colorado; … Continue reading

Croley, Bert – OH0468
Interview Date: 1989

People: Bert Croley, Tyler family. Places: Boulder, Valmont. Subjects: 9th Street and Hawthorn, hauling milk, dairies: Watts-Hardy, Alba; types of milk, Co-op, dairy trucks; University of Colorado, highway department, old roads, streetcar lines, Interurban, railroad lines, pollution; ice skating, sledding, … Continue reading

Curtis, Bly – OH0198
Interview Date: 1979

People: Bly Curtis.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: University of Colorado; city council; historic Derham-Lindgren House.  

Danish, Paul – OH0514
Interview Date: 1987

People: Gary Altman, George Anderson, Quigg Newton   Places: Boulder   Topics: University of Colorado, Boulder, political unrest, Colorado Daily, football, drugs, air pollution, changes in Boulder.  

Dawson, Mildred Matilda Thayer and Dick Howard – OH0651
Interview Date: 1982

People: Mildred Dawson, Dick Dawson.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:  Boulder, 1940s – C.U. campus: dormitory life, dress codes, dogs, dances, married students, effects of World War II; The Hill and businesses; Coca-Cola in social life; Canyon Park Dance Hall. … Continue reading

Dell’Apa, Edith – OH0930
Interview Date: 1998

People: Howard Higman, Joe and Mary Smiley, Colacci’s (restaurant in Louisville)   Places: Boulder, CU campus   Subjects: young married life, going to CU as older student in ’70s, campus demonstrations in ’70s, University Without Walls in Denver, first peer … Continue reading

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