Collection: Water

Arbuthnot, Wayne – OH0412
Interview Date: 1988

People: Wayne Arbuthnot, August Behrmann, Peter Haldi, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Niwot.   Subjects: family, Batchelder and Bader schools, Table Mountain Ditch, Affolter cabin, Likens Canyon, 1913 snow storm, Indian anecdotes, Haystack Golf Course, J. D. Long Seed Company, cement silos.  

Axelson, John and Paul – OH0540
Interview Date: 1991

People: John Axelson, Paul Axelson.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Batchelder School; Boulder Reservoir, oil in North Boulder, Coot Lake.  

Beauprez, Marie Stengel – OH0508
Interview Date: 1990

People:  Marie Beauprez.   Places: Boulder, Valmont, St. Walburga.   Subjects: Family; Sacred Heart of Mary Church; St. Walburga; animals, crops; South Boulder Canyon Ditch; Great Western Sugar Company, dairy herd: Holsteins, selling, shipping, auction, embryo transplant; Hale Irwin Signature Golf Course; Shamrock … Continue reading

Behrmann, August – OH0388
Interview Date: 1988

People: August Behrmann, Chief Niwot.   Places: Niwot/Altona, Boulder, Long’s Peak, Table Mountain, Brunning Grove.   Topics: 1894 flood, Bader School, dairy, hay delivery, Weisenhorn Brewery, tractors, Model T Ford automobiles, Interurban Railroad, fishing, 4th of July, hunting, blacksmiths, cutting ice, … Continue reading

Bullard, William T. (Blackie) – OH0417
Interview Date: 1988

People: Blackie Bullard, Mr. Tisone.   Places: Boulder, Eldorado Springs.   Subjects: Boulder: Flagstaff, trucking; Centennial Mine; Pioneer Milk Lines; Boulder Mattress Company; Watts Hardy; water supply; Black Diamond; industrial laundry. Civilian Conservation Corps: worked on Flagstaff Road, amphitheater. Pioneer … Continue reading

Callahan, Bill – OH1276
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder weather (weather forecasting and record keeping in the 1890’s and since then, weather patterns, drought, water restrictions, Big Thompson flood, 1894 flood in Boulder, wind, local and national weather records set by Boulder), global warming … Continue reading

Chesebro, Laura E. – OH0246
Interview Date: 1980

People: Laura E. Chesebro.   Places: Eldorado Springs.   Subjects: Early cabins and other buildings in Eldorado Springs; Coal Creek Ditch, Community Ditch. Forms part of the Eldorado Springs Historical Society collection.  

Delier, Julia – OH0394
Interview Date: 1988

People: Julia Delier, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Marshall, Eldorado Springs, Superior.   Topics: Great Depression, Industrial Mine, Highway Mine, Interurban Railroad, 1938 flood, Marshall smelter, baseball, bar.  

Egeland, Bernole R. – OH 1669
Interview Date: 2010

Mr. Egeland briefly describes his early years growing up in South Dakota and how he came to live in Colorado. The interview mainly focuses on Mr. Egeland’s recollections of the project to reface Barker Dam in 1946 to 1947. He … Continue reading

Foley, Mary Jane – OH1338
Interview Date: 2005

People: W. W. Degge, Peter Leyner   Places: Boulder, North Boulder   Subjects: area south of Baseline in the 1940s (Martin’s Farm which later became Martin Acres, hunting on Toedli’s Ranch), change in names of Boulder streets from numbered avenues … Continue reading

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